Testing my badge

Checking to see if my badge will show up.


I suppose I’ll do the same.

Might as well test mine! I’m just glad I was able to register - got the activation email immediately. A lot of the people posing on Kickstarter seem to be having serious trouble. :frowning:

Hi everyone!

EDIT: I don’t see no steeenking badges. :slight_smile: I’m sure they’ll turn up.

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Also testing. Receiver an email but can’t see a code.

Jumping into the fray!

Looking forward to both the evolution of the game and the community around it!


Hi, testing my badge

testing badge…

test! Should be a baron. What’s this a thrall title, what an outrage .)

Serf badges for everyone!

I have come here now to test!

The email I got said it would take a little while to match up the email addresses.

at least you got some feedback… I was waiting for the forum verification mail for 3 days, and since then im waiting again for the badge update…

I shall do the same.

test the thing that is supposed to be here :wink:

testing my badge!! THX

might as well test now

Test badge too!!! :wink:

Testing… testing…

Testing. testing…