Text problem with game:

what to do ?

Deinstall old MODs. Use only MODs which work with your game version.

I’m experiencing the same issue on ps4 on 3 or 4 occasions

i delate all mods:

  • Extended Unlimited Weight
  • No Fog Of War [37-1-4]
  • Sectorial Lockpicking - Occult Symbols Version
  • Torch Toggle Key(eng)
  • UnlimitedSavingNS

and still is a bug/problem with this speak,

another, is this bug in other time:


and i have version: 1.8.2 - 2471 of game

Save is most likely corrupted by the mods. Removing mods doesn’t always fix anything, so use them at your own risk. You will most likely have to start a new game.

Not really so complicated. Just keep a backup folder with your original KCD and install mods over another copy folder of KCD.

I forgot to add in the message above that I still had a mod:

“A Sorted Inventory”

I’ve reinstalled the game again,
and all all mod:

1 mods

I checked

2 mods

I checked

but without this: “A Sorted Inventory”
and everything works normally,

So at 99% I am sure that
this problem with the text in game
It’s a fault
for mods
“A Sorted Inventory”,

maybe because this mod “A Sorted Inventory” is for the English version
but I play in the Polish version,

i not install again
“A Sorted Inventory”

because I do not want to install the game again,

a pity, because this sorting option in the backpack was very useful.

maby someone know how add sorting ?

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Deleting a mod may not resolve all the issues you are having. Many mods embed script into other game files that remain after removing a mod. You may need a clean install to resolve the problem. Go into the steamapps file, go to the KCD file and delete the +.ini files, then do a clean install. I hope this helped.

I think I know what I did: /

I added this “A Sorted Inventory”,
to the ‘Mods’ folder in the game instead

from “A Sorted Inventory”,
unpack ‘english_xml.pak’ for example 7-zip
and unpacked ‘text_ui_items.xml’

replace in the game

from fodler
/ Localization
unpack ‘english_xml.pak’
and replace there

on this z
“A Sorted Inventory”,

to pack up the files to be unpacked in

and theoretically there should be no problems

I’m just working on the polisch version,


And how do you fix this on PS4?

i play on PC

Do you use the latest version of the game on PS?
Can you give us some concrete examples of your problem?

Yes, i use the latest version/patch 1.8.2 with all dlc’s
I am playing in 2nd playline and one time i remember it was during quest “all that glisters” when i caught up with Rapota at his camp site and started to questioning him. One of the options in the conversation was something like @t73747_37474_ui, but different ofcourse.
The other one was, i believe with Reeky. Dont remember the other one.
I hope its concrete enough :slightly_smiling_face:
Next occurance i will take a screenshot

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I did it

I had to watch the video from

1.Find a:
" Polish_xml.pak "

  1. Open a
    " Polish_xml.pak "
    with WinRAR

NO unpack this file,
only just open a WinRAR, this file

  1. in window of WinRAR, a file: " Polish_xml.pak "
    delate in WinRAR a " text_ui_items.xml "

  2. drag a file " text_ui_items.xml " from a folder,
    where you have your version of the this file,

for the WinRAR window

  1. close WinRAR

  2. = ok,
    on my is ok,
    in game no text bug,
    and in Inventory, is my sorted TAG.

wow, I am shocked that I succeeded

englisch and polisch, with my little change.



now stay, only a how add in game:
to see in HUD a TIME in game :slight_smile:

I’m still having this problem why why why :worried::worried::worried: