The 12th century challenge

you are now rip van winkel, you have awoken after many years to discover knaves wearing plate armor and having no honor. be sure to wear a plate helm of an old design as the one pictured so you will not dishonor yourself with light armor bonuses. you may use any weapon you want, but short sword and shield are preferred. boots are optional, and waffenfrock must be used (no padded outer jackets), but a long one works best. boots optional and may not be historical. post your results (I’m trying it out myself for giggles)

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you forgot that in the 12th century long mail hauberk were the armor du’jur as were padded arming coats worn underneath the mail

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i kinda simulated that with the arming doublet. not sure id there are direct equivalents in game right now padded coats are cool, but they count as outside armor now

but by all means, please suggest a better load-out to do this with

Use a any gambeson and a long nobles Hauberk ( any mail hauberk if you can’t get the nobles)and a small coif and a regular mail coif and kite shield. you helm is ok with the nose piece. as you noted nothing plate. regular vambraces would be ok . Spurs are iffy.
You can’t do much with the hose as no lower garment from the 12th is in the game.
You could get away with hunters gloves or to stretch it a bit riveted gloves.

Ideally a spear as a main weapon. IRL swords were considered like pistols, a backup weapon.
Do not use falchions, cleavers, long sword, radzigs sword ( I know a way to keep it)or modded bastard sword or sabers.
Close would of the pages sword type and axes. Long bows are ok. No cuman unless you want to claim them as enemy loot.

Sadly for what you want those swords that would fit are 300 yrs out of date and the game.


That’s a great meta I’ll give it a whirl, gotta find a spear and a gambeson

can’t get a spear in the game with out looting one from a bandit unless you use mods. Also you can’t store it. You can only use it if it is a picked up dropped item ( non mod) and only if you carry it all the time in your hand can you use it. Do anything weapon hands related and it get dropped.

The gambeson can be looted from bandits and/or bought from armor merchants in Rattay and Sassau

BTW if you want to see what the look is like google the Bayeux Tapasitry

Hose and a long linen shirt. Bonus points for wearing hose that are two separate legs, instead of a joined pair.
Gambeson (debatable).
Mail hauberk. If you go 1175-1200, you can add mail leggings/chausses.
Long waffenrock, or nothing.
Linen coif, then a mail coif.
Bare hands (or mail mitten 1175-1200), short leather shoes.
Bascinet with bretache is the closest helmet you’ll find, I think…
Kite shield is a must. This limits you to one-handed weapons…no longswords. Simple axes, simple maces, and arming/broad swords are all good. Falchions, hunting swords, cleavers, flanged maces, warhammers, and bastard swords are a no-go.
Spear and bow are ever-present.

Interesting challenge!