The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon


Finally little update on this one. It will be shown to media from 21st to 23rd at Gamescom 2018.

Thus, we should expect it to be released after those dates, I guess next month.


Sooooo…….end of the month it seems.
Think I’m a’gonner wait on this one to read how screwed up it will be before getting it this time.


Comment to bump for thanks for the info. I was curious when it was coming. It still kind of chaps me a little that end game people can’t play this DLC from all the noise i hear on the forums. Really annoying if that is true.


Really ? What forums? not here.


Any more info on this? I still havnt finished the main quest but I’m pretty close, so should I hold off?


I’m playing FtA after having all but completed the game. I just didn’t meet Capon to get to the “true ending”.
Having no issues, and as a matter of fact, am actually enjoying FtA. My only recommendation is to not rush through it.
Build a building, keep exploring, kill some bandits, etc…
Playing on Vanilla PS4.


Boning or platonic pursuits, it makes little difference. On 1-5 excitement meter, this DLC is 2 or 3. Hope Tobi has some serious surprises in store for us


My comment came from a post in the trosky castle forum post. I don’t use the forum well or correctly my fault. I remember someone saying that the end game with cappon is an end, and there is no way beyond that. If that logic is held up, then how you could go on adventures with him without extending the story, and numerous forums have said there will be no more story to the game. I still can’t follow the cappon DLC in that world. It is what my comment was based upon. It means if story doesn’t extend, the only way is to do the DLC mid-game, probably before Vranik even considering what happens with cappon after that, just his story and where he bases out of. That might be speculation, but still seems hard to figure out how this would work beyond Vranik. They are changing the game all the time though, so they can move things around to make it work, but not sure how you can have a DLC that alters the game so much.


After travelling and talking to Hand Capon, you can’t continue, but you have save just before that to service. You can play DLCs but they will not expand ending. They will add it before. Indeed, this will not happen when Hans is ready to leave KCD world.


This game is so much fun! I love stealing, killing, poisoning, going to bathouses and using the women there. All the good things that make worth living back them possible. I have amassed about 935k grochen thus far, all illegally made of course. Hans is my boy though! He exemplies what a true prince should be like. Bed bathouse girl, heck bed two or three! Anyway Hand adventures is going to be epic and I plan on killing, raping and poisoning anybody that steps in my boys path come end of the month!!





The thing is, I don’t like how they doing these DLC’s. They are not much use to post end game play. They provide little benefit to somebody who has completed a full playthrough and is mostly skilled up. FTA is more benificial mid game, and I assume this dlc would fit in to the base game at some mid point aswell. I wish we rather got an expansion, instead of seemingly cut base game content being sold off as “dlc”.

I won’t buy this on release this time like I did with FTA, I will rather wait for it to come up on the ps store discounted.


I’ll buy it when it comes out

WH crafts interesting stories. I’m interested to see what they’ve got.

Game mechanic wise? I wish they’d deliver more. These mechanics could even be backfilled into core game (eg tavern drinking mini-game launched in amorous but could be enabled in all core game taverns).


Well we will have to see, I will read the reviews first, hopefully it’s not like FTA, as it really had no stories, it was just basically “build a village”. I had hoped it would have included some side quests, but alas …it did not. Here’s hoping the second dlc does it better.


Tell you how much I like how WH crafts stories … the premise (love life of a spoiled brat) is profoundly disinteresting to me. Henry’s coital exploits are more than enough… so much so in my current play thru, I ignored Lady Stephanie and I refuse to engage in a hide and seek relationship with Theresa that leads nowhere. In spite of the aforementioned, I trust WH will deliver DLC of some redeeming quality, and somewhat eagerly await its arrival