The archery is a joke


Practice makes perfect, all Henry did most his life was help his father and mother out and hang out in the tavern. His father never let him use a sword, let alone a bow. Henry has no experience whatsoever at the beginning. Also when I started using a bow myself, which is a takedown recurve bow with a 50 pound draw weight. Which was a terrible choice in my part to start off with such a heavy draw weight. I couldn’t draw the damn thing at first and when I did my arms would shake a lot. Eventually I got the hang of it. Practice makes perfect!


I actually quite like the archery. Yes, I couldn’t hit a thing at first (although I did beat Hans when he challenged me, through luck), but when I was on the rabbit hunt, I actually got better at it. I still miss more than I hit, but my aim is improving (and the movement gets less as the cahracter stats improve). I like it the way it is because I actually feel like as I learn, I get better, my skill improves together with Henry’s.


I lost to hans at archery but beat him in swordplay… i love how much difference there is between peoples games.


Agreed! Its such a fun game, so many options and choices. I actually was losing the entire time, but then got a bullseye with my last arrow and beat him :smiley:


the same happened to me, except HE got a bullseye with his last shot and i lost.


It’s somewhat realistic, in comparison to other games. As someone who’s been shooting English Longbows for about 7 years or more, it’s the closest to real historical archery I’ve seen. No crosshairs, each arrow can vary if you change even the slightest thing, and your timing has to be just right. I’ve managed to beat Hans at the archery comp and won the Chump log game first go, since it’s just about timing. It’s difficult ofc, but, like all combat in this game, it’s about timing and patience


Nah, he probably only loosed his final arrow first. That nets a 3 point bonus (same as a bull).

Hans is… a bit useless tbh. Other archers are much better than he is.


I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that rate of fire, the mythical 12 arrows a minute wasn’t that important. It was more critical to be able to draw bows capable of doing some form of damage. An 80 lb bow would be useless against a man at arms with proper butted mail and gambason, And accuracy wasn’t that important because you cannot be expected to hit someone in the gaps of their armour, all those gaps are pretty much unavailable to anyone shooting from the front, except eye slits but you wont hit those on command. Of course a 150lb bow wouldn’t be enough to pierce Plate armour either, but if you get hit by a bunch of arrows of that draw weight, you will be pretty disoriented. Which is what was seen in the battle of agincourt. But something with 80 lbs probably would not be of any concern. But I mean, I haven’t fought in those days, so what do I know.


I’m having some problems with the bow, i problebly dropped my bow anywhere but i can’t find it anymore.
Is there a way to buy one or get a new one? I found a ‘Cumans’ bow but this one is to hard for me to shoot with.
I hope someone can help me out with this.


Talmberg has a huntsman that sells an array of bows and arrows, near the east gate/courtyard/archery range :grin:


I just love the archery system… I like that it’s that demanding. After some hours of gameplay, I’m finally pretty accurate while hunting. It feels just incredibly nice if you hit something, feels like a real achievement.


Zeltchoron, Thank you very much for you answer!


Your welcome :grin:


I’m finally starting to hit more than miss! It just takes time and practice and you’ll get it. It’s definitely not easy, but in my opinion it doesn’t suck at all.


The archery is fine. Just a matter of time and question of practice.

As all in the game. Even lockpicking with gamepad is going to be easy after a while I figured out and trust me, that was a big surprise :smiley:


It’s hard (for me) but, with a bit of practice, already I know I have improved. I like it. Shouldn’t be easy.


Everything just requires time, patience, and practice. Just like in irl… :grin:


I’m actually reaching the point where all the crying from the casuals about the “difficulty” is really beginning to grate on me. You’re the son of a freaking peasant in the middle of nowhere Bohemia in the 15th century, yet these clowns act like you should be wiping out legions of corrupt Knights Templar by the third hour. Get over it. Seriously. You’re supposed to be a gump who sucks, and is forced to train himself up.

It took me all of ten shots to get a feel for how the archery system works. Best way to do it? Steal the ash bow and the long distance arrows on your first trip to Talmburg in the prologue, and shoot all the bandits you encounter to death. Hell, when turning in the ring for the first Miller quest I was ambushed by a stray Cuman soldier and I dropped him in three arrows without him laying a hand on me.

I swear, Skyrim has ruined this generation of gamers. They claim to want “hardcore RPGs,” but what they really want is instant gratification action games with RPG skins. Is KCD flawless? No, it has plenty of bugs, and probably could’ve used another month of QA. I’m willing to be a little more lenient with it since Warhorse is a small studio with a big vision, and was willing to take a risk. I absolutely love all the reviewers currently trying to cut it off at the knees who only last year were trying to tell us that Mass Effect Andromeda was the Second Coming of Christ, and that Destiny 2 would “totally be different.”

TL;DR: Git gud and stop complaining about the difficulty.


Couldn’t agree more. Great post.

I’d consider myself a casual gamer, mainly due to time constraints. Tend to favour big open world RPG games, fallout series, elder scrolls etc.

As much as I loved Skyrim and sunk hundreds of hours into it with multiple play throughs I’m loving the challenge this game creates.

If you’re expecting to be some super human warrior who can take down countless enemies without even breaking s sweat (like Skyrim) then this really isn’t the game for you.

I’m only a short way in, just finished the rabbit hunting quest. I think apart from training sessions, I’ve only had like 2 fights. I spent the best part of an hour strolling through woodland picking mushrooms yesterday without seeing another person. Loved it!


I beat him both times and got his bow.