The archery is a joke


Ahh no way you got a bow?


I’ve got no issues with Archery yet. I tried using a bow early on but couldnt (my strength wasnt high enough in relation to the bows requirements)

I did the archery training and smashed it, I then killed a rabbit in one-hit which is a proper buzz. The difficulty gives you a better feeling when you manage good shots. I like it


You’re too used to FPS accuracy is all. The accuracy is not there in the beginning and takes a good length of consistent training to get to a level that gives you a better percentage of crit damage. Don’t expect the pauper life to have a miracle ability, they have to learn to practice just like their enemy.


Haha, I’m a certified bow hunter, this is a very correct depiction of classic archery imo. We are talking about bows capable of going through armor here, not something bought from a souvenire stand. It’s not laughable, it is the most realistic depiction of bow handling in any RPG period.



Keep practicing.
I watched my brother play the rabbit hunting quest and he fared well with PS4 controller and killed 5-6 rabbits before noon.
(Had minimal practice with bow before doing that quest)
Sure plenty of missed shots, but it’s clear there is a learning curve to it.
Trying to find and retrieve some of the arrows in the forest is a pain in the arse however… :expressionless:


I think this is not the case. Archery was used as a denial of area. It means that you saturate an area with enough arrows that people won’t go through it. A well equipped man at arms can be taken down by a hail or arrows. He might not be outright killed but enough arrows can slow him down or event prevent him from advancing.


I grew up shooting various old-school bows and…archery is hard! Keep in mind that draw weight isn’t just about muscle strength. In real life Henry would take years to develop the tendon strength in his hands, wrists and forearms to accurately fire war bows and penetrate armour. If you’ve ever fired a historic war bow you will know how your index and middle fingers felt 2 days later. First time I fired a (replica) war bow after a few years of not shooting, I wasn’t able to pick up a cup for 3 days.


I like hte archery. Hunting rabbits on the quest was hard at first, I missed all the time (spare arrows help a lot), but at the end I started doinf it better. And you actually feel rewarding when you score a hit. And when you hit a bandit and it falls and you draw a sword and fight the second that feels just right and awesome.


How about the first time you shoot a guy from the back of your horse at a canter and he is on the full run through the trees? :slight_smile:

Apart from the overly-docile wildlife and occasionally stupid AI who can’t see you when you’re on a horse aiming at their face from 20 feet away, the biggest issue for me is that I put an arrow straight through a guy’s leg and he kept on running. IRL the guy would be hopping at best, and have a shattered bone at worst.

They need to fix the damage modelling and make guys limp and crawl when you hit their legs.


The only thing that disappoints me with archery is the absence of perks. This also applies to the unarmed combat, why would they make perks for all weapons except for bows and fists? Something like hold breath, critical shots, recover arrows more often, and even a slow mo’ type of perk would fit in good and feel rewarding to the player.


slowmo -facepalm


well, you can facepalm again if you like it, because there already is a “slow motion” effect for timed blocking.


Yeah I know, Bernard says it’s adrenaline. But I just can’t see a sufficient amount of things they could add


I see, well I understand that some perks are “unrealistic”, but this is still a game, and we already have an alchemy system, which by no means is realistic, and as an ester egg, there is an alchemy perk called “Witcher” and honestly I find all these things cool.


I’m certain anyways the higher your bow level, the less Henry shakes and sways. I have no problem hitting a hare 100feet + away


That is exactly how it works… as well as your agility and strength.


I leveled up in the middle of fighting while using the bow. The difference between even 1 level is noticeable.

You sway less, pull back faster, etc.

My only complaint is that there are no perks for bows. None that I see.

Give me some damn perks


You can call the alchemy as unrealistic as you want but comparing it to any other big rpg (elder scrolls, witcher etc ) its a hell of a lot more realistic XD and a massive step up from any other game ive played. What other rpgs that many other people know of have to follow recipes like this game does?


Imagine doing this ingame when youve mastered archery haha


This is a well designed RPG, so character at the beginning is a total newbie with bows (ability which requires, practice on real world, even more on medieval timed)

This game is not Skyrim, where stats are only a number on damage, here stats are integrated on aim, animations, speed…

You want a casual game, if you don’t understand this game.