The archery is a joke


I know what you mean, but actually the sword combatsystem (parry) has slowmo too…

Some perks like holding breath would be nice.


I know, that’s why I said I find all these mechanics cool.


It is getting “easier” the more I do it. However, the system is sorely lacking. Even when i line up a shot perfectly, there is still this random jerk that happens quite often that sends the arrow in some random direction. This doesn’t happen every time, but it is frequent.


I’ve used a real bow and it’s just as hard to be accurate until you get the sight picture correct, just like this game. I think the devs have done a great job with archery. Hi


Bows back in the day were much harder to draw and aim than current day bows. On top of this, as you use the bow more often it becomes easier to use as well, similar to how if you read more and more books the words become less and less jumbled.


70 lb max??? I am with you on the game mechanics, love it… But I was pulling back 70lb when I was 14. That’s not much more than starter resistance where I come from. Compounds deliver much better, if you get the right one.


Pretty sick of people not realizing what your chracter is for the first 8-10 main levels of the game. You’re an idiotic son of a peasant in the 13th century, the only trajectory you’ve ever tried to understand is throwing turds at houses, plus longbows were trained on for years. I think this game did Archery THE BEST I have EVER SEEN. It’s not chance based, it’s skill based, this game did it so well in every regard.


It’s not hard at all. I started hitting things on my second try by simply aiming where arrow would go diagonally and reminding myself how far the target is (the first bow you start with has a limited range and you don’t have a lot of skill with it, bear that in mind).

Someone on Reddit even made a Post about it:


its not that hard in game once you understand the system… look up my name and threads i posted on hear a guide to it so you can understand how to shoot


Bow hunting is hard but very nice !!! i killed 3 bandids in a row with my bow in my video…
Train more… its not the game which is bad… it is you :wink:


ya i keep trying to tell everyone bitching about lockpicking and archery, its not the system that sucks its you


Seems it’s so hard to be

But hunting for this is silent horror.


The archery is one of my favorite parts of the game. When you actually learn how to aim the bow and hit targets it’s far more rewarding then pointing cross-hairs and getting head shots every single time.


That’s a holywood myth, real soldier archers were very accurate shots who selected their targets and could put an arrow through your eye at 50m. That rank and file, long distance shooting was for untrained militia. In its current state, archery is serviceable but not to the same standard as other game mechanics. I already wrote a post detailing how it could be improved wile making it more immersive, visually better, more realistic, and more practical without making it too easy.


You have a marker (gold dot) when you walk, when you fight (combat star), but no marker when you use the bow? I don’t understand why…


The dot when you walk is to help interact with objects. I have a feeling the devs will remove it and/or make a keybind to toggle it on/off. The star for sword fighting is a bit necessary as without third person view, and given the limited field of view that we have because of the simple fact that it’s a video game on a flat screen, it helps us understand the location of the characters arms quickly. These are two VERY different roles from that of a crosshair. A crosshair for archery would be ridiculously arcadey and not at all realistic. That being said, if you really do want to take the realism away, as well as all of the gratifying reward that comes with learning to deal with that, and just want the game to make you feel like you are good at it when really you aren’t, then you can use this console command to add a crosshair to archery -

To activate the console, press the tilde key (`) while in-game. You’ll see the console drop down from the top of the screen. Type in the code below and press enter. Then close the console with the tilde key again.

wh_pl_showfirecursor 1


While I do agree it’s possible that a lot of people who find lockpicking nigh impossible are on consoles. On PC you can reduce default sensitivity a bit, which helps a lot.

Other than that I’d like the pickpocketing icon (red-green thingy) to work in clearer manner. Right now it feels random, which doesn’t really help you indicate how close you are to be caught by the person you’re pickpocketing.


I thought you started getting some kind of archery perks after lvl 5. At the very least you can then fire a bow “properly” which translates to not needing armor or padding on your arms to avoid taking slight damage everytime that bowstring slaps your forearm, which to everyone who was ever a beginner trying archery in real life without protection knows stings and blisters and even cuts depending on how many times you try, draw weight, and your soft skins armor value. My issue is i’ve gone around shooting rabbits, some bandits, and even tried to take down a couple deer but the progress is super slow. Has anyone found the best way to farm up exp for archery? is it better to go target shooting at a field or hunting?


Just keep hunting animals and attacking bandits with your bow and you will get to level 5 in no time. There are no archery perks. There is a silly potion that steadies your hand - totally unnecessary. Once you have a decent bow and level 10+ with good Str and Agi you will defeat most NPCs with 1-2 well placed shots.

Look forward to becoming Legolas! :slight_smile:


well rabbits aren’t terrible but what does it take to take down a deer? Doe vs Buck? I have a decent bow and good arrows and while rabbits and some bandits are 1 shot I have yet to take down a deer even with 3 or 4 arrows sticking out of them running around and bleeding.