The archery is a joke


I actually disagree. I think the archery is totally fine, if not too easy. On horseback, you can easily snipe 2-3 bandits at a time before they ever reach you.


For reference:
A medieval warbow (any bow used for war) was in the range of 150 to 200 lb draw weights in the case of long bows.

How we know? Recovered bows, such as from the Mary Rose (yes this is later time, but the bow construction does not differ largely at all. Bow crafting was perfected pretty early on I’d say.) Which had a draw weight of 100 (mean) lb when submerged for a few hundred years… The replicas of these were around 150-200lb… Mainly sitting at around 180lb.

The strongest bow I can draw is 90. Don’t even get me to try and aim that because I’m simply not strong enough to use it past a single draw, I can use a 60lb draw weight mostly happily though!

For recurves such as the mongol recurve, I believe the values are different and were at a range around 120-150lb, but I’d have to confirm that with another historian as I like pointy things and not shooty things!


So much time, effort and research put in by the team to painstakingly make the mechanics as real as possible and advertise it as such as much as possible on a tiny budget and now you guys want to negate all that and want crosshairs since it’s not “fun” and won’t hold your hand.


Adding on to.this, I believe I watched a dev blog about it and they did it this way to prevent OP archery, as let’s face it, that’s what would have happened if the bow didn’t move. That’s more unrealistic. The arrow dispersal from what I’ve seen from use is more or less accurate for a seasoned archer.


I’m glad they made it realistic. It’s already so powerful, with a good piercing arrow, you could probably one shot kill god if he came down in the game lol


They give you a crosshair… The arrow tip. How else do you think we aim in real life? xD well said!


OP archery is not unrealistic. Good bows, combined with quality arrows and a skilled archer are very powerful. You can say it’s bad for game design, and I’ll agree. It’s the same reason FPS devs always make shotguns underperform compared to real life. But don’t say it’s more realistic, because it’s not. It’s a decidedly meta decision made by a developer to try and ensure melee combat has a large place in their game.


Here is a tip in rattay there is a range field go there practice until you have 10 in archery and until you can adjust to the way is done I did this for one of my playthrough I am an archer. The good thing that in the range field you can get the arrows back


I actually only heard of this game about 2 weeks before launch. I knew about the saves and the no crosse hair, and i was excited about it. Is the archery hard? Yes but the more you do it the better you get as a player.

I was also excited about the limited saves, because i wanted to have to live with consequences and ultimately carve out a different story than what everyone else was getting. Lets face it we all saved and reloaded skyrim until we stole every article of clothing etc from every npc.

Im hooing that more people have the unique experiences ive had to deal with, its definitely the spice of virtual life


And if they made it optional, you would have still gotten what you wanted and so would everyone else.

Learn self control? No one would be forcing you to save.


Did you know anything about this game before buying it?


Did they know anything about the game before they released it? Do you think they’re happy about all the bugs the game had (and still has) when the game was released?

My point is, there’s a difference between types of knowledge. Yes, I heard of certain features and when I heard about them, I didn’t think they’d be a problem. Then I played and discovered that, for me personally, they were a problem.

It’s called giving it a chance. So your question, although I did choose to answer, has absolutely no impact on the various legitimate criticisms that have been made.

But perhaps I misinterpreted the intent of your question. Please elaborate so I may better understand where you were coming from and or the point you were attempting to make with that question.


If you play on harder modes 99% of the gaming community have no idea what youre talking about. If you do something awesome they think “thats easy” because they did it on easy, if you are having trouble, they might think you’re an idiot, because they played it on easy.

If yoy play kcd EVERYONE knows what you had to do to accomplish that thing.

But i just dont know how so many people are so surprised by the rules lol


Okay, then my initial reply stands. I understood you perfectly.

To sum up, there’s a difference between hearing about something and experiencing it for yourself. You act as though there’s never been anything you thought you were going to like and then after you actually tasted, viewed, tried, and or experienced it in the intended fashion… discovered you didn’t very much like it at all.

Surprise, isn’t the right word. People tried something, they discovered they don’t like it. Why is that so difficult to understand?


Its difficult to understand why these complainers want to change a game, when there are dozens that play to their every whim . The only other game in recent history that is comparable to kcd is mount and Blade


It’s difficult to understand why people would want things changed that they don’t like? Well, maybe now you understand a bit better since those changes are coming.

But for future reference, people may like something and or want to like something, but the aspects they don’t like about that something, they will often seek to change when/where applicable.

It’s almost the entire motivation behind mods, but this very common fact, principle if you will, applies to just about anything from personal appearance to even laws.

I don’t want you to be surprised by this in the future, so I’m giving you a heads up.


Yes youre right, all you have to do is get a huge majority of whiny cry babies to change a game. Youve demonstrated mob rule perfectly. I hope the people that are cryin so much finally shut up. But probably not because there are no flying horses and no zombies and no magic… So who knows that might change soon too


I guess it’s no different from the elitist people that piss and moan that things should stay the same even when the changes wouldn’t affect them.

I mean, how much of a poor whiny baby would someone have to be, to rally against a change when they would still have what they personally want? Seems strange to me.


Will i still have whst i want when they rework lockpicking and archery?


Even if you will, you’ll likely lie and say you don’t. See, the difference is, other people tried this way already and don’t like it. You haven’t eve tried the changed way and people like you are already complaining about it.

And I know with the save system you will still have what you want and people are still whining about them changing that too.