The archery is a joke


Well all the people that knew what they were getting complained without giving it a chance. Im not a good gamer, but i can do it. This is a one of a kind game, and its under threat of being turned into a cookie cutter game. It is what it is, rarely (especially on console) does a game like this come along


What are you talking about? This is far from true. Are there some complaining that didn’t try it? Sure. But I’ve read post after post from people who clearly tried it and they don’t like it.

And I hate to break this to you, but while I like this game, it is definitely not one of a kind. Much of, if not most of it, are very common things/concepts. Regardless, the game isn’t going to be terrible all of a sudden because they make some changes to it.

Stop being so dramatic. The soul of this game is not under attack. There are just people that would like to see a few of its features changed. In the end, it’s going to be the same game.


I think the soul of the game is the restrictions from god status. If archery becomes a fps lazer beam (not saying it will) but if it does, that will dramatically change the game. Archery isnt that hard in this game, so making it easier, might make it as easy as skyrim.

But maybe they will only tweak it, but my past experiences with cow tailing to the people calling for making things easier has ruined amazing games. Exhibit A, ultima online. And very few if any games have tried to implement ultima online features again. With the exception of survival games


Then why say it at all? No one is asking for archery to become a laser beam. No one. They just don’t like how it was implemented and there are very legitimate reasons as to why they wouldn’t.

Instead of reacting to what MAY happen, let’s wait and see what ACTUALLY happens because right now, that’s the difference between those complaining about things needing to change and those complaining that things shouldn’t change; the people complaining things shouldn’t change haven’t seen the changes yet.


Im just saying, ive already been down this road, and i didnt say anything then. Not that saying anything would’ve changed thier minds., but maybe if the argument is heated, they will use a scapel instead of a sledgehammer


True enough. But I’d try to have SOME faith here. These guys love their game in a way I don’t think is common. I could be wrong, but I do believe that will make a difference in how they decide to handle this particular situation.


Hopefully, but Richard garriet loved his games too. But the almighty dollar and investors have a big sway. Im not sure how their business is legally set up, but the board of a corporation can and will remove the ceo to increase profits. Once its changed that will most likely be end of discussion


While I do agree, yes, archery is profoundly difficult, I have found an abundance of the people complaining about it being hard or “a joke” are coming from games where you can become a master archer in early stages and always hit a target first try by aiming with a crosshair (Skyrim, for example).

I think a lot of people expected they’d be able to play it easy and do what a lot of RPGers do for an easy run - unseen sniper with bows from long distances and be headshotting every enemy - never having to initiate real combat or risk. that isn’t what this game is about. the game is supposed to represent a challenge, be risky and leave you excited.

If aiming with the bow was easy, we could stealth the entire game day one and be finished most of the story without ever having to get into melee or look for other strategies.

I will admit I am profoundly frustrated sometimes by shooting twenty arrows at a still chicken literally at my (Henry’s) feet and missing until I have to punch the bugger to death so hard it plucks itself (I genuinely laughed), buuuuuut I am enjoying the “roleplay” of being a novice and having to constantly hone and practise it. I spend hours in the woods shooting rabbits and deer from distances to try and get used to it - I think that’s probably part of why hunting was implemented into the game (to give us something to practise on).

I am honestly lost in this game and am enjoying not being spoonfed master skills until there’s no challenge left - I don’t want to be one-hitting bandits from a distance, if I want that, I can go play Skyrim. i am (Henry is) level 13, I’ve played since release for sometimes ten hours a day and am still crap at archery. Eventually I figure it’ll just someday “click” with enough practise. It did with Lockpicking (which players are complaining about being hard also on console, yet I’m somehow master at now with only the hardest chests presenting an occasional problem).

One thing I do have to complain about though is there was no number or link to addicts anonymous on the box of this game. I used to go outside, haven’t seen sunlight in a week…I may have a problem.


How is this game not one of a kind? Sure certain aspects are in other games, but not all of them combined. Once you go changing everything to fit the tastes of a few people who don’t like the fact that you have to actually develop some skill or progress in the game to become good at it, you completely change the game. So say they make archery easy, now all of a sudden I’m shooting arrows at people from so far away that the enemies are all dead before I get to them. Where’s the fun or realism in that? Clearly you haven’t been paying attention to the extreme number of people who actually enjoy the current systems for most of the game and have said multiple times that a lot of the “issues” as you call them with the game aren’t real issues, they are your character struggling cuz he’s not good, which goes away as he gets better. Like it’s almost too easy to do things later in the game. I’d rather they make it a bit harder in the middle levels so there was a slower progression to it being as easy as it is for me now. Have not even read half of the posts in this thread? You’re clearly in the minority here.

Edit: just took a look through some of the other threads about people complaining about these “hard” game mechanics, all of them are filled with people saying how they have figured it out now and enjoy it and it’s almost too easy now.


They’ve definitely made it an exciting game without the need of killing 100 monsters in 5 minutes


I beat Hans my first time using a bow 18 to 7. I even destroyed him in hare hunting. Now if only I was a natural at lockpicking…


Same here, plus ive gotten goid at lockpicking


I agree. With a - decent - archer. It takes a decade to master the bow. So Henry shouldn’t achieve that status for a long while. He is by no means an expert in archery or warfare. He shouldn’t be expected to be suddenly amazing at archery and able to draw, hold, and accurately loose his arrow at his target with pinpoint precision. Hell, it even takes me normally three arrows to get where I want to shoot and I’ve been at it for years (English Yew longbow (6’5") with a 60lb draw weight.)


if anything i find that master the archery is to easy the only thing you need to do is to go to a range field and start shooting and you get points pick up your arrows and start shooting again


True, but he should be expected to be able to stabilize his shoulder girdle, and not to be all wobbly like a drunken sailor. Or am I wrong? Is your aim all wobbly? I don’t think so. There is a difference between hitting a target with pinpoint precision and fighting with the bow swinging left and right. I’ve never shot a bow, but I expect there’s rather a lot of muscle trembling due to muscle exhaustion, than wobbling.

Secondly, Henry is a son of a blacksmith, yet he is closer to a modern puny college nerd. If he is so incompetent physically, why is he even the protagonist in the violent and deadly environment of medieval Czechia?

This is what spoils this game for me. It is supposed to be realistic and closer to simulation than anything that’s been released so far, yet it is full of implausible things.


I think that’s one of my favorite parts, you can actually train in this game


You can, but you don’t really have to.

Even with the wobbly aim I’m able to score a hit from a two or three dozen of meters. I sniped at least two bandits and one Cuman this way - and the Cuman during hunting with Hans, when Henry’s archery skill is at its lowest.


absolutely not my friend i have shoot a war bow from that time and i was shaking like hell that thing is heavy as hell also henry stabilize better with perks and levels in archery for example im in lvl 13 and he is almost steady trust me train and you would se the diference


[quote=“zorzan, post:155, topic:38370”]
Henry is a son of a blacksmith, yet he is closer to a modern puny college nerd. If he is so incompetent physically, why is he even the protagonist in the violent and deadly environment of medieval Czechia?
[/q Henry is a son of a blacksmith, yet he is closer to a modern puny college nerd. If he is so incompetent physically, why is he even the protagonist in the violent and deadly environment of medieval Czechia?uote]

remember that some times shit in life happens he never would expect that his parents are going to be murdured
you can see that he was not even a proper smith he spend all his life goffing with the to drunk and trouble makers of the town


I don’t have a problem scoring a hit in game.

I only thought the wobbling is not realistic representation of what’s really happening. I haven’t shot a bow, as I’ve mentioned, only saw modern bowmen on YT. They don’t seem to go left and right. Muscle shaking - that I understand, this is normal physical reaction. Wobbling is not, it’s as if you lifted a heavy object and the weight throws you off balance a bit.