The archery is a joke


Simple Test: Take a broomstick and “Sim” with it Like with a rifle or so. So you notice it wobling at the Tip? See, thats Just beeing untrained at it. Actually this doesnt represent the Lack of Strength i think, But the Lack of aiming practice. Though its a bit much i think its netter than Not beeing in there.


yes it does modern bows has balance weight and connections that make it easy to fire medieval bows were unbalanced and didn’t have rotators to fire also there are different kinds of bows the long bows you wobbling is natural and real but in the short bows is not. try a short bow if there any wobbling is not real i can not try it becase im max out in archery so my henry is steady but again is a game. since long the concept of a game is to enjoy and escape our reality as i always tell my son if you want perfect real go to the store and buy a bow and star shooting lol


@Dacrimal, @Erivas74, yes, current mechanics is a compromise between physics and gameplay, got it.

I suspected the aim gets less wobbly after gaining the skill.

A pity you can’t train fencing that easily, but that is a different topic.


if you talk with cap banard in front of the dueling ring in rattay you can train in every weapon for free unlimited better do it now before they patch it lol


I mean, by that argument Henry shouldn’t be good at anything other than drinking and banging tavern whores. He does seem pretty good at those though XD. Anyway, i had my 8 year old niece hitting the target almost every shot at 25 yards with only a weekend of practice. It doesn’t take years of practice to become serviceable as an archer.

Personally, I just want the bow moved to the center of the screen so I can actually look down the arrow instead of memorizing how far to the side I need to hold the bow to get it lined up right. 30 years of shooting drives me to try to look down the arrow lol.


Yes i think there should be aiming down arrow gor sights. Im not sure if we are actually using longbows or selfbows in game. If its a longbow, the archers of yore had disfigured shoulders from the strain


I doubt they are true heavy draw Warbows, otherwise we wouldn’t be firing them from horseback so easily.


dont forget that people in that time were ten times stronger than us


@KingChip seems like you’re actually describing a separate issue altogether. You see, balancing issues are apparent in this game. It starts out stupid hard and then, with almost no warning and or explanation at all, it becomes stupid easy. This issue, which it is, isn’t connected to lacking a cursor for archery and or having the game limit saving.

And by the way, adjusting the mechanics of archery doesn’t mean making it to where everyone’s dead before you get to them. Please don’t project your lack of imagination on to warhorse. In other words, just because you can’t see any other way of doing archery to where it ca be challenging without someone wobbling all over the place and or lacking a cursor, doesn’t mean someone else can’t.

And no, you don’t “completely change the game” because you alter and or tweak features in it. And while I have been paying attention to the “extreme number of people” who claim to enjoy the current systems, I’ve also noticed the extreme number of people that absolutely don’t.

I’ve also paid attention to the fact that many of the people that don’t have offered solutions that allow those that enjoy things the way they are to still enjoy them the way they are… but obviously, you’ve been ignoring that fact.

I’m not surprised given you think that people being the minority in this thread or on these forums (lol) somehow equates to being the minority of the customers as a whole. But please, carry on. It’s funny watching you whine and try to dictate what others should personally find fun.


Big difference here, medieval times aren’t these days xD
You might have 30 years experience but henry does not. He helped his father from time to time and judging by what we saw, isnt very much. He ran a few little errands, carved the thing with a knife and put it on the sword. Im guessing his father done all the hard work lmao. People have 0 patience…


I don’t care about the difficulty aiming I care about only getting 2 fucking exp each shot. That’s bullshit it’s near impossible to improve lvls at this rate.


once fully drawn it sways from side to side. don’t fight it, let it go about it’s movement and release at the right moment - when i hovers back over the target.

Edit: you can counter it by strafing to get the shot lined up quickly, rather than waiting for the sway to come back. still, watch and predict the sway.


“25 yards” my point precisely. That is extremely close for an Archer, especially with the bows they used in the era. I’m pretty sure that anyone should just about be able to hit a target if it was point blank in front of them. Not to say the kid isn’t skilled at all, but they’d have used an easy draw weight and most likely a modern bow to make it easy to hold it. Also, the target size is also a factor. I mean, if your target is the size of earth, you’re almost certainly hit it. You should be looking at a maximum of an 8 inch diameter circle for a deliberate grouping of arrows.

The skill comes from being able to hit the same area, consistently at different ranges and being as to draw a bow powerful enough to actually do enough damage to an armoured soldier.


Alright I’m just gunna assume you have no comprehensive reading ability then.


Given your other poor assumptions, I’m not surprised. At least you’re being consistent here.


As an avid archer I can tell you this archery needs work. In this kind of game it SHOULD be hard but it’s simply hard in the wrong way. Archery (IRL) at short range is quite easy. Any novice can hit a target at 30 paces with a little practice. Long and difficult shots are about angle, windspeed, bow string strength, arrow fletching etc. The AIMING is the easy part, once you know the other factors. When we shoot in real-life we are sighting much more true then in this game. You are carefully lining up your sight which is pretty “straight” you aren’t guessing your horizontal aim that’s the easier part, the hard part is getting your vertical angle right (based on those factors I mentioned). And for an accomplished archer back in the middle ages, the difference between hitting and missing far targets was most often the quality of the arrow.


lol 10 more charackters…


Yes but there are other bows in the game besides the long bow like the hunting bow and a simple villagers bow they are just as slow and hard to fire as the long bow


There’s only 1 random factor to archery currently- the direction the sway chooses to go from the intitial drawback of the bowstring. Other than that, the sway is on a linear Left <-> Right path…kind of like old school sports games (Kicking in madden, shooting freethrows in basketball, etc).

As my bow level has gone up, I’ve seen no reduction in the sway, but I do have much less resistance when attempting to “force” shots outside the natural sway of the bow moving. This in turn is what makes bow lethal in later levels- even with sway, it becomes much easier to snap at a target “against the grain”.

Example; Your target is to the left, but the bow is swaying right- higher levels can shift their aim left with less stress/resistance than a beginner that would have an easier time (at the cost of time, and patience) waiting for the sway to kick back on its own due to the stiffer sway resistance. It’s almost like beginner archers have “max force feedback” from the sway, and over time that feedback strength is reduced. It’s actually a simple, but amazing way imo to balance archery. Otherwise, no one would use swords.

The truth is, if you’re not patient enough and trying to shoot the bow before it makes its first return to centerpoint, then you really have no force behind your arrow anyway. You aren’t firing a gun- medieval archery was a slow process


i dont get why anyone is having any issue with the lockpick system or archery… i can literally do a very hard lock in a second or two, i can hit shit so easy with a bow… i saw someone on here try to say archery isnt as good to use as combat system and thats not true at all… i can literally get into a fight with 10-15 people with nothing but my bow and armor and im going to win hands down… i will back peddle and hit every one of those fuckers in the head right when they come to swing at me and drop them with one arrow… they can have a helmet too i dont give a fook still droppin in one… u cant do that with any sword in the game…