The bowl in the cave

The bowl in the cave bug.
I eventually got past this by entering the building at the same time as the servant. You then get a door key from seige bloke

Not sure what you’re saying here, mate.
Experienced a small bug myself though. Put the bowl back after showing it to the bloke who wanted to touch it, then accidentaly picked it up again. Now I cannot put it back anymore.

When I went to go inside building guarded by the bowl touching bloke he arrests me and the game hangs up. But if you haven’t experienced this, lucky you

The patch didn’t fix this. I still can’t place the bowl back. The use action pops up every now and then but if I press it it doesn’t do anything.

Still can’t return the bowl. The Use prompt appears but actually using it does nothing and then it’s gone forever.

Kill the guy who is a problem. Fixed

Solution for those who just experienced this : the game does an autosave just after the guard touches the bowl for luck, so you can quickly try again and get it right.

BUG : if you are a bit “far” from the cross, it fails. You need to be really close, practically on the cross.

I failed it when I was crouched and about one foot away in front.

After reloading the autosave, it worked by being upright and super close to the spot.

( Devs: I suggest the action should at least register the intention or action success, even if the bowl bugs out for any reason.)

Alternatively, dig up the grave in the Sasau church graveyard and give him the bone found there. Quest solved and no remaining quest item in the inventory.

This bug is still present (at least on PC, latest Steam version). I did the quest using bowl, forgot to put it back and went on with rest of the story. Now I’m many hours later and need to get to the siege engineer. If I go near Urban,he tells me I’m a thief and game is stuck in infinite loading loop. If I try to put the bowl back, I can see ‘Use’ prompt, hit E, and nothing happens. And same story with Urban. Even worse, when I pick the lock, the engineer is not there. Even though I know he should from NPCs.
Great game, too bad there are so many bugs. And this one is gamebraking for me. After hours of trying I even used mod for console commands and removed the bowl from my inventory. Same story. Please let me know if there is a fix or a workaround…

Even right in front of the cross, crouched, it failed. i had to walk almost on top of it for it to work.
Maybe you can try that.

nb: I understand you abandoned, for good reason, and hope it does not hamper your progress for the rest of the game. If it is a game-breaker, do contact support.

I tried it, seems like nothing works in my instance. I finally managed to load the game after Urban gets mad at me by starting to pick a lock when the moment he tried talking to me. It somehow managed to load afterwards, I got the key and everything went smooth. Just finished the game and now * SPOILER* I’m disappointed there’s no fight with Istvan.