The combat


I bought KCD 2 days after it’s release, And I remember being extremely dedicated and putting a lot of time into it. Since that I’ve lost a lot of saves. But I still love the game, I gladly lose saves to get optimization/bugfixes.

I really would LOVE better combat animations. Right now when you swing your weapon it just goes from a direction to another in a sort of teleport like way, It really isn’t what it could be. I don’t mind the diffiiculty at all. But immersiveness is important for me, and how the immersiviness for the combat is, is kinda dissapointing, I would rather get these animations fixed than getting a new Kingdom come to be honest.

And, yes, I do understand why they’re ignoring it. It’s gonna take a lot of effort and it’s not as fun for them. But I honestly think that if they remade these animations to non-teleporting ones, the player base would get a lot bigger. I don’t know if anyone else here thinks that way. But I feel like putting this up with hope that the developers will take notice.

Thank you for reading.

I don’t think so.

Uhm… Alright?

" I don’t know if anyone else here thinks that way."
Because I don’t know what you mean by teleporting attacks? They are not always smooth but what you describe might be only your issue, not mine.

I meant if anyone thought that that was a problem for them. As in it disturbed them. It may be what you call “not smooth”.

I would rather see some video to showcase this problem because I do not see teleporting while fighting. When I battle, the weapons sometimes go out of hands and when enemy falls, he throws away weapon which teleports from his weapon unnaturally.

Hi again. idk if you’re still on this forum but I see you everytime I’ve opened it since I knew about it. Anyways, what I meant was after a riposte. But it’s partially fixed now. It’s still bad when you’re low leveled but not when you are 20.

Edit: I love this game btw. Sorry everyone for posting that before I was mislead. And I love the developers aswell they are thee best developers I’ve seen in a long time. Not that I think they got affected by what I typed but yeah.

Animations are not super connected to each other, could be that?