The constant running

So I have been playing this game since it came out. Watched the fighting change little by little and it’s been great until now. and getting to the point I almost want to give up.
Any type of enemy I fight, one or two tends to be fine and less running. But three or more and the running starts. The constant running around me or taking two fast steps towards me and tripping me up like I was running away. I from time to time am able to move or swing just in time, but more often then not I am constantly being hit from all angles tripped up or unable to even land a strike as the all run behind me.
Just got to say stats maxed, great armor and weapons. Yes I move, yes I have trained with Sir Bernard. I know how to fight, and tend to always survive these annoying encounters. But after five cumans doing that, the five bandits and dog almost killed me, only the last chance perk and chamomile brew kept me alive.

Can this be fixed?

Has this happened to anyone else?

Maybe they have changed it to this, because many players have been whining about their imbaness, when fully developed and equipped :smiley:

I guess. It’s just annoying at times. I mean I love the challenge, but darn it I feel like I’m playing a goofy cartoon and the three stooges are running around me tripping me and poking me in the eyes