The dogs, an awful idea

Simple thread, what patch were these terrible ideas added and how do I remove them?

They weren’t there when the game first came out and I beat it (and I was right there at the beginning, supporting the project before it got out.) But Suddenly when I installed it again after some time these game breaking piles of idiocy were added to the game.

Sorry developers, the game is hard enough getting hit by three people at once without having a dog holding me defenseless while they do so.

Yeah, they are a little annoying. I have nothing helpful to offer.

What I find to be most irritating, is that there is no way to deal with the dogs other than button mashing and mouse jiggling. The rest of the combat system is so nicely nuanced and thoughtful, and yet when it comes to a dog biting Henry’s arm, the player has little options. It doesn’t matter how you block, you can’t offer the dog your left arm, pull that arm tight to your hip with the dog in it and then bash it’s snout, etc etc. you can’t do anything except wiggle the mouse like crazy. The way the game handles combat with dogs is ultra simplistic. It’s ridiculous. I mean, even a 100 lbs dog coming at me, and I’m wearing full armor and have a shield and mace? Man, that dog is ducked. Bash with shield, follow up with mace, game over dog. It’s not like the dog can dodge or block while its jaws are locked in my arm.

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My current play through is a stealthy build, so I just get some additional work scouting out camps and killing the dogs before I can move on to killing all the bandits/Cumans in the camp.