The Fences, Toilets, and Hunting


Just wanted to say that I found a porta-potty in the game today with a sign on it showing a guy looking over the bathroom stall at a girl. I laughed pretty hard for like five minutes.

Are the fences and this toilet appear in the final game to act as a border to the map as well or is it just because of beta?

Also any tips on hunting? I found some rabbits, but couldn’t kill them. My archery sucks and my sword passed right through them.

I really enjoyed my walk/hunt in the forest to the north today, even if I couldn’t kill those rabbits, and I’m hoping that in the final release I can do some more serious hunting and maybe a little falconry. I don’t think it was mentioned in the KS, but give me a falcon to peck out the eyes of the vile rabbits that infest the forest around Tamberg and I would be a very happy knight.


Beta joke. Well, they were in the alpha too.

Suck less? I found the game crashed when I hit a chicken with my sword, but archery made them explode. As for general tips, get as close as possible… Don’t miss. You need to practice to get the general idea of where the arrow will go.

Also, archery is supposed to be easier as Henry’s skill goes up. I never bothered getting it high enough to test this personally.


Archery is damn hard though. :frowning:


Here are just some ideas how to hunt rabbits.

I guess that to hunt a rabbit with a bow wasn’t the common style in medieval times.


People still shoot rabbits today, but traps, ferrets, or simply breeding them yourself is the easier method.


It’d would be pretty cool if I could build traps and set them to capture some rabbits. Or better yet train a Falcon to chase them down. I haven’t had any luck in the forest looking for them today so those two things would probably help.


“Traps” are realy cool idea, hope that Warhorse will develop game’s features which connected with hunting. However, falcon is too difficult task because they haven’t got enough time for dog’s AI. But, in Beta we can steal much food from houses easily, if it won’t change, hunting wiil be useless.


This wouldn’t fit to the given social status of the player character. Falconry is only for nobility at this time. The only setting I could imagine for Henry to do falconry is if he is able to get a job as falconer and has to train the raptors.


I thought they were going to do a DLC after the game was released with that plus blacksmithing. Not that I’m a big fan of DLC.

Makes sense.


The only DLC they mentioned was to have a playable female character for one questline. No other form of DLC was mentioned, and definitely not blacksmithing or the dog.

Quote from the video: "Sadly a few quests that didn’t make it for now were from the female character line that we promised as a stretch goal on Kickstarter. But don’t be sad, we will release them as a DLC that is going to be free for the backers together with some other quest and other stuff that didn’t made it.

So if you took from “other stuff that didn’t made it” that they were planning to make a blacksmithing minigame, and an AI dog companion, I think you misinterpreted what was said.

He was talking about quests before this, and continued talking about quests after this.


Oh. Well, that sucks. … On the bright side I killed like six rabbits today!


Lately, they said they do not plan any DLC at all, so either they add it to final version or probably only into another standalone game.


Wait… what? Where?


Maybe it was weekly torch, or some interview… I can not remember, but do you suggest there is any DLC in progress?


Yes, it scheduled for release on game’s one year realease anniversary, 13 February 2022.


In progress. No, but we want to have at least one DLC after release, and we already talked about it, thats what made it so confusing.


What DLC? Character, weapon, skin, companion, story? All informations indicated you have no DLC in progress, so this is actually new.


so far as i know there will come some sidequests and the female charakterpart with an dlc…


The first one should be free for backers, I think they said it officially in videoupdate