The game does not start


A few days ago the game started normally.
But from yesterday when clicking “Play” pops up a window and then disappears, the game does not fire and I can play again. I also tried to run the game directly (supposedly). But the effect is the same.
Just as I remove all add-ons, nothing changes. I also contacted the gog support and failed to fix the problem.
I reinstalled C ++ 2015
graphics drivers also installed older and newer,

DxDiag.txt (81.5 KB)


Here Is your solution.
don’t know if there is a new driver update. But removing the roccat driver should solve the issue.


Yes, correct i have rocccat mouse and i uinstal dravier.
it is very strange why it does not work with such a mouse controller?


This is not kcd related. If you play bf5 with those drivers you will get the same issue.


But when i use win 7 then i dont have this problem but in win 10 it is problem. That why i dont understand this.
And thanks for the answer