The game mechanics s**# my M%&^&*f*(&(* a%%!

So slow and unsatisfying… The Bs that the mechanics especially in the tournements work is staggeringly retarded to say the least! I gave this game hours upon hours of my time and still this idiotic lead character can barely move or block sh^#… There may be something I’m Missing but I have tried to like it but I couldn’t get more frusterated if I tried to chop off my own d*(& with a straw!

I’m assuming you haven’t spent much time doing all the practice training with Captain Bernard? Without him the combat is near impossible, as he teaches ripostes, blocking, Master Blocks, and combos, all of which you need to actually have a sliver of a chance in combat


+1 to TheKinghtinBlack
Besides, it might just be not your game.

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Personally, I don’t much care for training with Bernie. But without that you’re a limp dick in the tourny. Poet that didn’t know it.