The Game runs very well with Vorpx and Oculus Rift!

Yersterday when the game was still running i tried this with oculus and vorpx! Awesome, keep on doing, it is brilliant beta, i enjoyed it vr very much!

You maybe will have some Problems to give native Vr support at least, because you have much text to read ingame. But i turn to cinema mode than in vorpx, and the text is no problem anymore.

The headtracking is a bit hard, but i can turn it nearly full down in vorpx.

Anything else is very good!

I played a bit the wicher in vr and there was the free camera missing. It made the game unplayable in vr. But you have this free camera and this is the best thing to realize a game with vr. You have also a fixed targeting pointer, wich is also good for vr playing.

Go on, i wait for the game fix to keep on playing your brilliant beta in the awesome vr with oculus and vorpx!!


Hi Baktus,

It would be cool if you could post a video if possible of the game in VR :slight_smile:




im sorry but i cant. i sold my dk 2 oculus rift set and bought not a cv1 (to much money to spend for the cv 1 only for playing games, im not crazy :)).

The game was running very well in the dk2 with vorpx driver. It was amazing, because you are directly set in this fantastic very realistic middle age game setting.

Maybe there are some other players with vr oculus or htc, they can run it with vorpx and post a video.

I will wait until there are cheaper hmds to buy for playing video games in vr with the pc.

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I hope someone will post a video :slight_smile: it’s true the VR is still very expensive for pc gaming. I’ll will wait for at least 2 years to buy one.

Headtracking with DirectVR is perfect now, this game is so good in VR now, like native titles for gamepad (RE7)

A video is useless, in a video you loose all the magic of being inside the game,

But this game is not for VR Noobs, you need strong VR Legs, if not maybe you gonna puke.