The garlic healing hack

Some of you have probably discovered this, but the best instant healer in the game is fresh garlic.

A garlic adds one health immediately, has zero weight, doesn’t spoil, and adds no nourishment (unlimited consumption).

I always carry at least 100 garlics, just in case.


I normally carry a trunk of my car full of carrots. This way I can always treat a stranded horse if I meet it. Just in case.

That certainly must make Henry popular on his date nights.

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Good tip - but where do I find so much garlic?

Grocers have 20 in stock, and many traders have 5.

Ergo you can collect 35 every day from the Rattay square, and in Sasau, Ledetchko, Merhojed and Uzhitz there are grocers with 20 garlic.

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Thanks, worth stocking up on garlic then! :smiley:

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