The guards in Kingdom Come Deliverance Do not Help you

So a long time ago when i first started playing this game, probably a year and a half ago, I didn’t understand the reputation system, and kept getting attacked by a respawning shop guard that I murdered for safe constant looting of the Armorer’s shop chest.
Whenever I tried to kite him to the town guard so they would defend me from assault, I usually had to slay half of the town guard as well since they’d usually side with him. Whatever, Cops of the same feather stick together and all that, I dont really mind.

But a few days ago I got attacked by that Knight who ambushes you after winning the tournament at a very low level. Now killing him wasn’t a problem, but because I was still low level (Maybe level 5 or so), I did not have any potions yet to cure bane poison. So needless to say the Bane poison would kill me after the fight. So I thought, hey! What if I kite him to the town guard? SURELY the useless guards in this game will defend the player if the player ISNT fighting one of their fellow catchapoles with a badge RIGHT? WRONG! If the guards see you fighting this night they literally stand still and do NOTHING. Now it’s been a long time since this game initially released, so i’m 100% sure this is not a bug and it’s fully intentional. If Warhorse studios intend on making a KCD2 or a squeal, PLEASE make it so that guards don’t just Exist just to arrest you for crimes. In Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Skyrim guards would also assist the player if the player is being assaulted by creatures or people. The only instance i’ve seen of Guards helping the player on this game is should a random NPC named “Bandit” somehow spawn in a town, the townpeople will say “HELP THERES A BANDIT”, and eventually the guards will kill it. But this seems to be because they are coded to help the towns folk and NOT the player.

Thoughts on this? Or am I insane for expecting guards in a video game to protect and serve the player?

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So you expect them to attack other people without knowing why? For all they know you could have started it. Would be better if you both got arrested or attacked for fighting in the streets.

Horrible logic. They attacked me “Without knowing why”, when I was killing the Shop guard that attacked me. At least in Oblivion or Skyrim Guards would actually attack other guards if they caught one attacking someone.

Agreed! 100x over… Speech options would be nice, like a directory…Henry asks, “where is the…” Bath house, Armory , Tavern… and the either give directions or tell you we don’t have one, save a lot of time running around Uzhits looking for bath house …or… Mehojed vlooking for a tavern to rent a room. One more thing…ever notice the thief in sasau robs the same guy every day, runs right pass the clueless guards.
Guards don’t move. You pick a lock and Boom you’re in trouble. WTF LOL

Guards won’t attack any civilians and Black Petter. Those are civil affairs.

Guards attack NPC’s if they attack you in their watch with a weapon while you are unarmed, and if they (or any nearby peasant) don’t see you started the dispute.

So, you can lure them to do so. If the peasant have a weapon just provoke him with fists, he’ll start attacking you with fist, unsheathe your weapon and he’ll do it too, unload your weapon and lure him out to the guards watch. That if NPC doesn’t run when see you unseathing your weapon. Unfortunately for pickfighters with civs, most NPC’s not even have a weapon.

You are the most dangerous man in all Bohemia, what’s up?

Fyi, the weapon is the ‘trigger’