The horrible Rain really needs FIXING!


Vsync incompatibility


Original post was on ps4.


April 30th was early enough (re: Missile Command rain and rain when the sky is clear)


A simpler way to make Heavy rain, is to make it rain Upward for a limited distance(YEP, rain bouncing) Instead of Missile Rain…


The game needs optimization in PS4. It runs very low frames per second.


October 08: Xbox One X (1.6.2) And still not repaired


Like the blue sky bits too. Some pixelation in 1.6.3 PS4 but less than before


Use an umbrella


A great line from ‘American Beauty’.
Ricky Fitz mum says this as he is about to leave home.

Whatever heartbreak/ache/hurt that woman has known is almost implied with the ‘use protection/dont make the same mistake I made’ line.

It is so well delivered and gives the typical depth of charactwr that every one else in the movie holds.

Great movie though freaks out tonnes of people who judge by scenes and not the total vehicle…