The horrible Rain really needs FIXING!


Does anyone know if this is only happening on PS4 or is it across all platforms???

It’s getting really bad…like long strips of blocky rain covering the screen, distorting the view. Really bad when I’m trying to sneak about and try and see where to go.

Rain looks awful




Let me give you a direct video upload example I just put up!!!


there is something that needs to be fixed.
Inoticed yesterday during really heavy rain; that if Iwere to ‘freeze frame’ the screen, that Iwould have the missle command type rain that Ihad seen months ago in these forums (as shown on consoles after extreme slowdown).

I couldn’t help but notice my framerate was 20% down. something was hitting the render engine harder in extreme rain. So Ilooked a little deeper.

It looks like a pass is being done to flatten the rain (putting several ‘rains’ together) when the super heavy rain is happening. This pass/process has a slight glitch.
Whilst I couldnt get the game below 50 frames per second (couldn’t recreate the slowness)- Icould see that if Idid have a ‘freeze frame’ at this point; the rain would have a ‘low res’ missle command look.

It is actually several rain drops from differing directions being passed together. If the background layers of rain were not also happening, or due to a render issue, the framerate got really low, I can see how that ‘missile command’ graphic could be going around.
at sixty frames per second that same ‘missile command’ graphic actually looks really convincing. it is rain from mulitple directions.
In the heaviest rain pattern the engine did hiccup a bit… if that same hiccup happened on a system on the borderline of running… it could lead to a slide show (Id imagine).
Something in passing the rain layers together in the thickest rain causes a render hit.


Looks like the rain in Minecraft lol


Yeah, really looks bad.
Must be a paper shredder up there somewhere.


I thought ‘Shredding’ was a snow term.
Snowboarding mayhaps?


Nothing wrong with that



Oh goody, so we get to wait for 1.5 then wait some more.
I’m getting that-standing in line feeling.


Well it’s not their fault you didn’t report it earlier


They have known about it for quite awhile now.
But thanks for your usual wisdom.


You didn’t think there were any other bugs priority to fix than a cosmetic glitch? Lol


Isn’t that what the Russian torturers use in Siberia?


This is exactly what happens to me!
And it started Only in the last Days( i have tons of hours of gameplay)


rain style minecraft. Typical console game graphic.


I second that

And I would like to request rain splashes on the ground


Minecraft ho-ho ha-ha


Turn “OFF” the VSYNC…(this should fix the problem) SOME MONITORS, (not the PC) rract differently to the Progamming, E.G. for Battlefield 1 I have to RUN the Video Card Monitor Program, as BF1 is to Graphic Intensive, (monitors sometimes cannot keep up with Some PC gaming)