The house of god reward



As the title says, after finishing the quest, when Sir Divish says that he should reward Henry, nothing happens; My “bank account” is still the same xD. I’ve read that I should get, at least, 700 Groshen, but instead got nothing. I guess it’s just Henry’s luck xD.

I did the quest using the 3 different methods explained here, but none of them resulted in a reward from Divish. Did I do something wrong?

Anyway, the game is still awesome :stuck_out_tongue:.

By the way, I’m playing the vanilla game; no mods, no cheats, steam version (on Windows 10 x64).

Thanks for reading!

I encoutered the same bug. In my previous playthrough (it was version 1.4.3) I got a reward, in this one (1.9.1) I got nothing :frowning:

The quest rattled also has no reward coming from zach ps4 1.9.1… this patch broke some quest rewards