The house of god reward



As the title says, after finishing the quest, when Sir Divish says that he should reward Henry, nothing happens; My “bank account” is still the same xD. I’ve read that I should get, at least, 700 Groshen, but instead got nothing. I guess it’s just Henry’s luck xD.

I did the quest using the 3 different methods explained here, but none of them resulted in a reward from Divish. Did I do something wrong?

Anyway, the game is still awesome :stuck_out_tongue:.

By the way, I’m playing the vanilla game; no mods, no cheats, steam version (on Windows 10 x64).

Thanks for reading!

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I encoutered the same bug. In my previous playthrough (it was version 1.4.3) I got a reward, in this one (1.9.1) I got nothing :frowning:

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The quest rattled also has no reward coming from zach ps4 1.9.1… this patch broke some quest rewards

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I have the same bug; however, I am playing on a ps4 version 1.9.2. Neither Divish nor the stone mason give me anything for “reward” after stating such.

Thank you for your time and I hope that you have a wonderful day!


Same here, no reward. Playing harecore mode on PS4. Even though my Henry could really use the grouches*, I still love the game.
Edit *groshen

I just completed this quest and the reward is still bugged. Playing on PC with the latest update on Steam. I followed the steps in this guide:

I did end up mixing up the recommended steps but both Rupert and Sir Divish said I would be rewarded but I received no grochen. Also the quest log does show a successful finished quest. Kind of a bummer because I spent a lot of time on it due to the high reward!

This is still a bug in 1.9.4

Sir Divish says you deserve a reward, but gives you nothing.

Still a bug in 1.9.5… specifically mentions a reward, but just gives me strength and agility experience

I also had this bug, and I thought it was because i broke into his room and talked to him. So, I ended up reloading the save, sleeping, then going back and trying again. That time I got the groschen, although no prompts about XP (probably because it wasn’t enough to level).

Not sure if that helps in any way, but try it… save before handing it in, go sleep, then go look for him.