The King's Silver, that's all?


No, i am saying that some people complain that there is a bug when there is no bug, and they wouldn’t complain if they knew better. For example you will better understand things in this quest and won’t think it’s incomplete (you call it a bug) if you talk to the woman before to go back to Feyfar, as Lordtyrion said. Have you tried to talk to the woman like we suggest you to do, or do you prefer to stay in the ignorance and tell us that there is a bug ?


And if you leave the mine then go to the camp and NOBODY is there then what?


No harm, no foul. Remember on simple rule “Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. Meaning… Always carry a big stick.


While I agree that often people complain of bugs because they run through the game too fast and don’t take their time to explore or read the dialogue properly, sometimes things just seem incomplete and you can’t expect people to be seers and know how to receive all information when there is no clue. It’s a bit like publishing a book but including the final chapter in the beginning of the sequel instead. It’s there if you know about it, but for someone who just picks up the book and reads it, however attentively, it will always seem incomplete.


All that’s “missing” from the quest is you finding the phantomatic barrel of silver that gets revealed to you in conversation.
To date, I have never red anywhere of anyone finding this barrel.
Console commands reveal a possible Copper Ingot, but no silver ingot…


Show me where I said there was a bug. I simply said that the quest feels incomplete. Yes, I talked to the woman but if you already don’t know that you can do that in this quest, there’s nothing indicating that you can.


then you have killed the woman earlier, or she ran because you’ve killed her before, or you don’t look at the place where she is but at another camp, or i dunno this game let us give so much choice that it could be another reasons.


First sentence : you say : “I know this quest used to be really bugged.”

True, so your say that this game should hold your hand and tell you exactly what to do everytime, in every quest, with a marker on the top of the head of the npc or place you have to reach ? Many RPG players don’t like that. It kills immersion.
I would dislike that. This is a real bless that Warhorse choose to give a lot of indications in the log/journal, but let us many choices to resolve a quest, without visible markers in 1st person view.


It USED to, yes. I’m not saying it’s bugged anymore.
As for hand holding, no. I just think the game is a bit inconsistent with map markers and objectives (or lack thereof) sometimes. I’d be fine with either as long as it was consistent. As far as I know, this is the only quest that works like this.


In one of the miner camps, there’s a women, usually sitting by the camp fire, food pot.
She’s the one that pushed the guy over the edge.
You should go and question her. She’ll give you her reasons why she did it. You should arrest her, not let her be, in my opinion.
What happened when you arrest her? I don’t jnor, I let her go, sad, sad.