The King's Silver, that's all?


I know this quest used to be really bugged. Is that still the case?
I just finished this quest. Basically what I did was checking out all the parts in Skalitz, then going into the mine.
The scene with the guy being pushed down the shaft triggered. I then killed the people attacking me and exited the mine. My current objective is to report to Master Feyfar. I can’t help but feeling there’s something missing. What about the murder you witnessed? Shouldn’t you keep investigating the crime scene? The quest feels incomplete…


Ya, it is kinda of a messed up quest line. Seems to me parts were left/taken out to completely and satisfyingly do the quest line.


That’s a very interesting question. I didn’t do it in my first play through because the quest never triggered (that was one of the bugs, I believe), and when I did it in my second play through, it was pretty much as you described except that I was heavily outnumbered and had to flee the mine, and I bumped into some more people while doing that, managed to kill them and get out alive, and then reported everything to Feyfar. It didn’t seem like a particularly long quest but it didn’t really feel like there was something missing, but who knows what might have been.


There are options available of how to play this quest. Without spoiling the game try searching the various camps before going into the mine before the actual quest begins.

That is the one bad thing about many of the side quests they feel incomplete.


Here is the complete solution : (spoliers!) slight_smile:

Half of the said bugs comes from people ignorance. I never had a problem (tested during 3 or 4 walkthrough on v1.2 and 1.6). For proof here is my hardcore playlist


“Half of the said bugs comes from people ignorance” - so you’re saying people should look up walkthroughs before playing the game? Also, this wasn’t my first time completing this quest. Last time, I did talk to some people in the camps surrounding the mines but STILL it felt sort of incomplete. Same goes for the quest “Masquerade”. I hope they get around to adding more to these quests.


Masquerade sort of has a continuation after you finish Besmirched, but it’s true that there could have been more.


The game supports a lot “thinking out of the box”, and a lot of things is contextual.

There was a quest where you could talk to NPC and buy some stolen goods for friend of yours, or you could check the chests in house of the thief. The latter option was in quest log…

When i was not fine with outcome of some quest, i reloaded save and tried it in a different way.


The side quests could use some additional content. Few do impact future side quests but don’t. I personally would like to see more depth to the content and consequences for actions taken or not taken.


I want to agree with you, but this forum is packed with players complaining that they have to make choices in this game and that they can’t have everything, so even more choices and consequences might end up starting a rebellion. :smiley:


Can agree that everything isn’t linear but not sure how much out of the box thinking the game supports. Killing everyone in nest should be fundamentally disruptive to baptism; it’s not


once u witnessed the murder and exited the mine, did u go back up and talk to the lady .


I didn’t since there was nothing indicating that I should do that. I wanted to play the quest the way it was “intended”, i.e without knowing the things I know from previous playthroughs.


Some people complain even if they have nothing really worthwhile to complain about. I play to enjoy the game, not play to rush through and rack up points. This game has a lot to offer, but only if you take the time to enjoy it.


Who says I’m complaining? What makes you think I’m rushing through the game? You’re assuming things. I’m on my 4th playthrough and I’m doing every quest this run and taking my time to discover everything there is to discover and try different ways to finish quests. I’m currently at 83 hours and as far as the main quest goes I just met Ulrich. I love the game but I think this is a topic worth bringing up because it feels like this quest is unpolished and I started wondering if they left it sort of unfinished like they did with the Masquerade quest.


If you have suggestions let them know!
Or a bug report! Send an email to
Thank you!!!


A lot of the game was a bit rushed because Warhorse wasn’t the ones who set the deadline - the game probably would have benefited from a delayed launch, but they’re working on it now, so it will all get finished in the end. As you’ve all probably noticed, the latest email from WH mentions that the charlatan finally made it to Ledetchko. :wink:


I did not mention anyone specific, but if you feel my response was directed toward you that is on you. By your comments you appear overly sensitive and defensive.


What is sad is all to often a game is released prematurely and not all bugs are fixed. Take into account the different platforms and operating systems there will be bugs in one and perhaps not in the other. Overall, I have not encountered any game killer bugs or glitches, so as long as the developers are committed to the game then I will be a happy camper.


I thought you responded to my post. Didn’t see you responded to Boru9 until now, my bad. As for being sensitive, not really. I just don’t like when people misinterpret what I mean and put words in my mouth.