The King's Silver


I know many topics have been created in regards to this quest. None have had a straight forward answer to my question though. It would appear there is no way to capture Nemoy ok, but is there a way to find the silver? Is there a location to go to or some way to talk the gal into telling you?


Sadly I haven’t observed any from streamer/ playthru’s or read any. I got to the quest once but had a bug where I could not climb long ladders with poles sticking up past the next level and could not climb that ladder in the mine.


The last time i talked to nemoj and had the option to take him to Rattay i ended up in An endless loading screen. (This was before patch 1.3 on Xbox) so it might have crashed Just couse of the state of the game during that time


I have never found a good way around this quest. Either you check all locations, and never talk to Nemoy, or you talk to Nemoy and either kill him, or let him go (no way to really take him in as he would rather fight/die).
If you talk to him, it still says to check the shaft, but the marker is on the camp. I went through every single shaft I could find, and have never gotten that part of the quest to complete. You just have to go to Fayfer and tell him you didn’t get a look around.

This is pre 1.4.2. I started over with 1.4.2, so haven’t gotten to see if it is fixed yet.


Ok, but my question isn’t can you capture Nemrod. It’s is there a way to find the silver so you don’t fail that portion of the quest?


Bump. I have heard of some capturing Nemoy but I can’t do it.


Not that I have found. I did a bug report on it, and explained how it just leaves people feeling like something is missing, or the quest is broken. I reported it well before 1.4, and it still isn’t fixed, so i guess they are not that concerned about it.

I have tried everything I can think of to capture Nemoy, and nothing has ever worked. No one has posted anything concrete on how to do it either, at least not that i can find. People have mentioned it has been done, but never give enough info to go on.


It probably has to do with how much you have uncovered in your investigation. The quests in this game have an impact on what you see. Its definitely a different kind of game than what people are used too.


I am a completionist. Even though I know the quests pretty well at this point, I still talk to everyone, and search everything, especially on that quest, as I am still trying to find a way to complete all objectives.

I have searched every inch of the mines, before doing anything else, and avoided the spot where Nemoy gets pushed down the shaft. Then gone and talked to him, and have never gotten him to surrender. I have also never found him in the mines, alive. I check every tunnel (have them memorized at this point) including the tunnels where the counterfeiters are (have to avoid the spot that triggers the cut scene there too).

If I am missing something, I have no idea what. I have searched that whole hillside, on top and underground, in every play through (I have done that quest at least 8 times now).

One play through I spent over 6 hours just on that quest, trying to take Nemoy in, and trying to get all objectives complete. I finally gave up.


I am on pc, 1.4.2, and restarted after the patch. I will have to try, once again, on my next play through. Maybe it is just you have to go in the right entrance first or something.

It may have to do with the alarm thing too. I never worried about it, the miners just run, and I just killed if they attacked.


I will say this: if you go through the progression in order A,B,C,D then the quest does work as they seem to have intended - but that does not mean capturing Nemoy. I eventually played it through like that and called it a day. I wouldn’t call it a bug really. Quite often KCD throws things at you and then changes its mind, something that I actually enjoy very much.


I think the finding silver quest failure is a result of capturing the girl. Can anyone verify?


I have never captured a girl in that quest, and have never been able to find the silver, if I do anything except just enter the mine, and let the cut scene with Nemoy getting pushed down the shaft happen. If you do that, you discover the part about the silver, but then are left with a quest objective to discover if Nemoy was stealing the silver that you cannot complete.


If you talk to the miners up top, it is what keeps the objective to find the silver in the gallery from being something you can complete. If you don’t talk to them, you can search the mine, and finding the silver in the gallery will complete, but then it leaves the objective to find out if Nemoy is stealing the silver as one you can’t complete because as soon as you enter the mine, all of the miners leave.

I understand this game doesn’t hold your hand, but with most players having an issue with this quest, obviously the correct way to finish it is far to vague. I mean I have even searched google for “arrest Nemoy”, “take Nemoy in”, and so on, and have yet to find anywhere, where anyone has posted any kind of info, where they do the quest and actually complete all objectives. So obviously there is an issue.

I have done this quest numerous times, and have spent hours on it, and have not found a way to do all objectives. If you know how to do the quest, and complete all objectives, post a walk through, because hundreds of thousands of people would like to know. At this point it seems like it is an either/or situation, where one objective always fails.


If you can play through that quest, and post a video of capturing Nemoy, you would be the first, at least from the google searches I have done.

I am working on some achievements on my current play line, then I will start again, and try to figure it out, again lol.


You cannot arrest Nemoy. He dies by your hand or the one of his accomplices. But you can arrest the lady at the camp

How to finish the quest:

Go to the camp and talk to the lady gently
Talk to Nemoy and say Radzig sent you
Go to the mine, Nemoy is killed
Once exited the mine, go back to the camp and talk again to the lady. She will reveal you everything
Now you have the chance to arrest her and take her to balive or let her go.
Reward in groschen is higher if you take her to Rattay


Okay, now that is the first time I have seen anyone list doing it that way. Thank you! I will try that on my next play through.


If that is the way to do it, then there is no silver to be found. Which leaves a quest failed that can’t be accomplished. That’s silly.


There is, but you do not retrieve it personally.

Zuzane (the lady at the camp… i guess its her name), before being taken to custody reveals that they found a brandnew pure vein of silver inside the mine, that’s why they are there. They dig and they sell secretly the silver to their buyers. If i recall correctly, Nimoy before being killed by Zuzane put the silver on a chest and kept it temporarily hidden somewhere nearby. the lady is not acknowledged of the exact location because Nimoy was not usual to reveal infos to her.

When you go back to Balive to report, at the end the balive says he will send his men to search the area for the silver. Impliticly one can assume they later will find it


That last part about the bailiff sending people to search for it later never triggered for me. I suppose that’s the problem. Because that part says that it fails even after everything else.