The legacy of Kobyla

Hi all,
Doing some research about Radzig Kobyla’s life, I found some interesting facts.
As you probably know, he was allowed by the king to build Veselé, a new castle in Veselí nad Sázavou, 4 km away from Skalitz. An interesting thing is that before this time, the castle belong to Jan Zoul . Is he related to Hagen Zoul ? I don’t know but both stories seems similar. In 1400 Jan and his father were arrested by order of the king and their castle was confiscated. Few years later Jan was defeated by a land protection army and killed, and the king gave his castle to radzig.
Another interesting thing is what happened to this castle. We know that Kobyla was killed in 1416. After, the castle was sold to Vilém Kostka of Postupice by Kobyla’s widow. We can assume that Radzig never had an heir …
(In 1516 Bohuse, the Vilém Kostka’s eldest son was the owner of Veselé, of the castle of Dubá, and of the Sasau Monastery.)
So, what will happend to Radzig’s bastard ? As Radzig seems to never had an heir, we can imagine everything about his futur, no ?


Didn’t you play new DLC. That Zoul story is true.

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Hi valkanx.
You found some new interesting facts about Radzig i did’nt know so far. So i know that he build this castle, but the history after his death is new to me. Is it possible for you to post your historical sources?

Henry ist only the bastard of Radzig. So he is’nt a legitim son of him and cant be heir.
I think we will see the killing of Radzig in a future game. Mayby the Henry-story ends getting killed with him, or Warhorse let Henry be the one man, who get out alive.

Sure, here are my sources

I wonder if a king would be able to legitimate a bastard in bohemia during XVth century. The game take place during the summer 1403. The king will go back on his throne the next november, and we know that kobyla is a king’s friend so … maybe a king could legitimate henry or, at least, give him a title… :slight_smile: Let’s dream

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The king will go back on his throne the next november

‘‘As a coronation of Wenceslaus was now no longer a possibility, and while he was nominally still prisoner in Vienna, he was no longer under strict guard, and he managed to escape on 11 November. He crossed the Danube and was escorted by John of Liechtenstein via Mikulov back to Bohemia, meeting his supporters in Kutná Hora before moving on Prague, which he entered on Christmas.’’

We could POSSIBLY meet King Wenceslaus IV in Prauge, but the distance between Trosky Castle (where Hans Capon and Henry were riding to at the end of KCD) and Kutná Hora is massive, more than the 4 square kilometers of KCD, and I believe Warhorse was having problems with programming Prague’s massive size with their NPC system.

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if Rattay race is the ceiling for KCD, Prague with the buildings and people… :exploding_head::dizzy_face::skull:

The road from Mikulov to Prague goes through the sasau area. So, if Henry would met the king, it would be there I think :slight_smile: But, in case of a KCD2 taking place near Trosky Castle, I think we will not be able to go back to Sasau.

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Followed the link
“Racek used it as his seat until 1416 when, being the King‘s messenger, he was killed by minors in Kutná Hora”

ehm… Minors or Miners? :smiley:

Also for translation , Racek = Capon.

Racek = Radzig
Ptáček = Capon

Not just NPC system, Warhorse said that Sasau monastery took them year to build. It would take them like 20 years to build Prague :smile:.
So I think we can forget about Prague or even Kutná Hora.

More than the technical perspective, build an historically accurate city as big and as important as Prague would be a life goal :smiley: