The Making of Kingdom Come: Deliverance video on Steam


Welcome the new content on KCD page, new the making of video that you can rent for 30 days on Steam right now for 5€ or buy for 8€.


I’m a baker, but I can’t find it at steam. The KCD Page says it was added to my account, but where?


Should be in Library/Vidoes. But I’m not sure, Because there is no Option for me to claim it on the KCD Page.


Should be here:


Have you watched it? If so, thoughts?


brilliant. I really like it. It worth to see. :smile:


Don’t do steam. Wish on PSN. Life’s travails :joy:


Damn dogs :smile:
I really like it. The main asset of this video is that gamer can realize how much time, work, energy, money, etc cost a development of this game. And also how difficult was even to start the development. WH and especially Dan Vávra have my respect.


Meh I don’t have it for some reason.


@McWonderBeast still nothing?


I got it fixed forgot to update my post!


I love this game, but i’m not spending five to eight dollars to rent or buy a video, so i can watch them do or not do their jobs. Just feels like greed.


It’s good quality video. There are some interesting things included. It’s good for those want a little extra insight and understanding of developers.


Is it different than the documentary on youtube?


What documentary did you see?


The “gameumentary”


Yes, it is.
It has 1 hour 2 minutes on Gameumentary and they are talking in English, mainly about KCD.
It has 1 hour 38 minutes on Steam The Making of KCD, they speak Czech, mainly about history.
And there is stream in 10 minutes going to show some of that Making here:
They are actually showing the Making for free on Twitch, come watch it.


Well, I was busy working :frowning: