The Making of the Game Doc


Started watching the documentary. Enjoying it so far. My only issue is im having to pay more attention to the subs than whats being shown in the video or Im constantly having to pause because the subs sometimes change pretty fast. Not a huge deal. I got it for free because of my backer status.

Could you possibly consider English audio dub for those of us who dont speak the language in the video? I understand beings English is not your first language it is probably easier to express yourselves in your native tongue or some of you may not even speak English. Not a big deal either. I just know I would enjoy it more if I didnt have to read the subs.

Sorry if this has been posted before. Been gone awhile waiting for new content and Im not going to go though a years worth of post to find it lol.

So I just finished the Doc and I must say it was really inspiring to see you guys go through the struggles of starting a new company and coming out successful. And Im glad you pulled it off! This game will go down as one of the greatest games of all time.

I very much look forward to you continuing the franchise with more from the land of Bohemia. It was moving and emotional. Raw at times and I loved it. Thank you so much for bringing Bohemia to all of us who have never had the rare opportunity to go there ourselves or researched the rich history of your beautiful country.

Your future looks bright. My only regret is that I didnt see the kickstarter when it was active (shortly after) and that I didnt invest more money into you and your project. Thank God you didnt add magic!

One of the things Im grateful for is that you stayed strong in the face of possible failure and you didnt succomb to all the demands of greedy publishers trying to steal away the life blood from this amazing piece of ART. It truly is a masterpiece. Thank You from the bottom of my heart and soul. Enjoy your Bling lol you deserve it!