The Map is very aggrivating

Ok I love KCD ok but the only problem I have is the map ok I’m OCD for me it messes with me that I can’t get all those clouds off of my map because I’m blocked off , so if y’all could please make it where we can actually go to the edges of the map that would be helpful and I could also finally get all those damn clouds off of my map

If you reach level 14 in reading skill you can unlock Cartographer perk that also removes all the clouds. :wink:


Like Pesci said read a lot to get to 14 in reading
You can also ride around alot and EXPLORE the map each part of the map you ride under a cloud goes away. ( not in fast mode tho).
All part of playing the game.
Lastly and not the fair way: if on PC you can console command them to be fully removed and the map shown after you engage the use of console command.

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I agree,
The borders of the level are smaller as shown in the map.
This needs to be improved