The NEW Romance with Theresa

Henry´s new romance with Theresa. That´s the real Happy End for Henry and Theresa. All new Cutsceens.
Shows the new Buff “Smitten” - Charisma is temporaily increased by 3.

Thank you WarHorse Studio for this game and the new Happy End!
Kingdom Come Deliverance is now complete.


It is a shame that you can’t ask her to move to Priby… with you. Especially since I see she can now clean your clothes and nobody else in that town can do that.


dude, exactly my thoughts, shame the date ended with cutscene on Rattay hillside, hope they added more stuff about this dating matter.

They even talked about possibly recruiting more people to Pribyslavitz on a livestream. It really is a shame nothing came of it so far and I don’t think they will in the future either. Here’s the clip:

Maybe it is. There are a number of aspects to Pribyslavitz that are underwhelming to me. And, there are a few non-DLC tweaks WH could make to significantly improve KCD. Those things aside, a woman’s lot is a very fine bit of work. Said it before in a different thread; @Blacksmith Blacksmith said it here; KCD is now a complete game.

Hope good modding tools get rolled out. Who knows? Maybe someone can create a mod that brings Theresa to Pribyslavitz, voiced by Victoria (if not blocked) or someone who sounds like her, and has Theresa doing more than laundry and mending clothes.

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