The Prey Quest bugged / Possible to Solve Quest via Console?


Hello there,
a friend of mine is doing the Quest and after he Beats the Cumans he wants to unbind Hans from the tree, but the E Button doesnt seem to Work,. So no Way to solve the quest apparaently.

Is there a Possibility to solve quests Via the Console? If so could someone tell us the Quest ID and Command for this please? Thank you very much!


Would love to know the answer to that question as well. Can’t say I want to restart the game, regardless of how much I like it. This is a game breaking bug and it’s amazing that 3+ months in they still haven’t fixed the main quest line.


Amazingly, the quest didn’t bug on me the first time. Now on my second play through, just got a new vid card, it’s bugged now.
My first play I had a bug that didn’t allow me to learn to read, I never got the cut scene and book to read after paying the scribe. I really love the game but I’m thinking I should put it back down until there are more fixes.


I reinstalled the game, same bug … I went back hours to a prior save that was before the Prey quest and still the bug rears its ugly head. I would almost restart the whole game (it’s that good otherwise), but I fear another game breaking bug (if not the exact same one).


if you mean use console commands on pc, if on consoles boxes then ignore this post:
If you just want to get around the quest jump back to just before and buy a horse. Use console command to add money to cover a horse.
Then all you hafta do is kill the cumans after the horse chase scene.



If you are playing on PC, could you send us your saves before trying to untie Hans Capon?
Ideally if you could create a save just after killing both cumans.

Saves can be found here: :\Users<your account>\Saved Games\kingdomcome\saves
send them either directly to me:
or to our support mail:
Attach description or link to this forum topic, of course.

I’ve been trying to reproduce this issue but to no avail. Your saves would really help us.


I sent you a save. I hope this helps kill this game breaking bug. I hope others do as well.


Do you use the easy lockpicking mod?


Yes, I’m guessing that is the culprit?


I sent a save where I had just killed the two Cumans and was told to delete the Easy Lockpicking Mod (which honestly wasn’t even working for me). I still have the same glitch though.


It could be @ProkyBrambora was wanting some confirmation in another thread.


I removed the mod, which was working, and it took care of the issue.


Thanks for the confirmation.