The siege was the final straw (spoilers)


Gave it another chance. Even overlooked the laughable cutscene in which the lady of talmberg or whoever looked like mr blobby with a knife to her throat.

Finally getting into the game again, excited for the siege of talmberg when whadyouknow???

‘CaN YoU GeT mE 200 MeaT, AlCohOl AnD SoMe InConVeNiEnT SHiTe?’
hahahahahaha. Yeah, henry, who by this point is an established swordsman, and the son of fuckign radzig is still a delivery boy is he? Can’t stand to play one more second of this utter mess. The first couple hours are incredible yet misleading as the game is dreadful from that point on.

Rename it to Delivery boy simulator 2018


That quest about brining meat is optional.


And there are plenty of cows in the vicinity to get over with it quickly :smile:


I actually didn’t finish that one. It repeated itself. I thought it’s activity but others claim quest continues after that.


You can do it as many times as you wish. Only once is enough for the Talmberger achievement.

What I wonder is if it actually has any impact on the assault of the castle. Are your guys really fighting better if you fulfill all those quests about food and energy potion?


I did not give them 50 sleeping potions, I was lazy to prepare them myself. I had no problem sieging castle. There were few groups of enemies, I rushed and they almost killed me, no other troubles.


So the last mission of the game was the final straw?


It is amazing how many there are immature and agitated people on this forum who are ready to swear around and insult others just because they didn’t get a pet game of their own. Topic-starter, this is how I imagine the likes of you, when I read a post like yours. But that guy on the video is playing a role. Are you?


XBox One:

Why would you post a video of a young man that obviously has serious anger issues?
I didnt find his condition entertaining.


This guy on the video is acting, i. e. playing this role of a mentally ill gamer. He has no actual health issues.
I am just getting tired of threads like this, where people can’t express their dissatisfaction with the game in a civilized manner.


didn’t insult anyone. This game is just utter trash - the missions are extremely lazy and uninteresting. Why is everything henry’s job? why is it henry has to fetch everything for everyone else all the time? It’s objectively boring


So you played all the main storyline down to the last quest because the game is utter trash and missions are extremely lazy and uninteresting?


The first third was great so i was waiting for it to hit those heights but instead the game just got worse and worse. There’s no crescendo or excitement, just one long slog and the character’s made absolutely no sense. I help johanka by getting her all the supplies, healing the sick and defending her from the guy SHE claimed was creepy. Came back the next day where she pied me off ’ he’s not that bad’ ??? you what? Same with the priest - bond with him during the drinking mission, help him out by delivering a sermon and he pies me off and refuses to help the talmberg guy. Absolutely terrible.

It’s very clear that this game is completely unfinished and rushed after the first third. Developer hubris got in the way, and it’s entirely their fault.

You can’t win with fanboys. Don’t play the game because it’s boring, ‘you didn’t play it all, you can’t comment’, play it all ‘well you played it all so you must have liked it’. No, it’s dreadfully dull with AWFUL characters save capon, nonsensical character decisions, trivial combat, and for the most part no real consequences of your actions.


Okay. Point taken. But this is called your opinion. It is for you the game turned out to be boring and uninteresting. It is to your taste. It doesn’t mean the game by itself is trash, a mess, shit or anything. Because to my taste the game is much better than other RPGs. I liked it exactly because of the things you didn’t like about it. I like that the game doesn’t work via the standard retarded mechanic “solve a quest - get a bonus”, I liked the idea that Johanka behaved like a bitch after everything I’ve done for her, because it is what real people can be.

The game IS unfinished and the developers have never denied this, that’s why the main storyline is left open.


I kinda had similar experience to op.

Spoilers- You go back to bury your parents. Everything from the weather to atmosphere the event with runt has you wanting more.( What happened to the grey sky’s from then on?) The attack at the stable’s, the hunt with hans)

Then coming near the siege it just felt slogging. Everything was feeling rushed. I also hated what I seen as fluffer really unimaginative fetch quests, will say I appreciated they were optional. Then so many quests that end from nowhere leaving a " wait, that is it moment".

Had the blurry characters all through the end scenes (unfortunate for me I finished the game during what was probably the crappiest patch).

Disliked the siege.


I seriously feel like past the first third of the game i myself could easily have written a better story. Rolled my eyes at the radzig father reveal that came out of nowhere. You don’t even bond with him whatsoever through the story so it has no emotional weight to it at all. To be fair, you don’t bond with anyone except capon, every single character is mind numbingly dull. The talmberg guy, who i can’t even remember his name was so bad i actually wanted him to die by the end. And why are there american voices in this game? absolutely jarring to go from northern henry to some old texan.

I can’t describe how fed up i was by the point i reached the endless siege fetch quests. Felt more like work than a game. If i had to rate the game past the intro, it would be a 5. The sense of mastery in swordplay and archery are the only reasons to play. Once you’ve got both of those down you realise how shallow and nonsensical everything is.

And i can’t stand the argument excusing poor writing and character choice to ‘that’s what real people do’. If you’re going to throw twists in, at least offer foreshadowing or give a cutscene explaining johanka’s relationship to the baron. Johanka saying ‘at least he was here’ is the single dumbest thing i’ve ever heard from a video game character. I was in jail you moron lmao.

The most disappointing gaming experience i’ve ever had in my life since the mass effect 3 ending. It wasn’t difficult, it wasn’t immersive, and it wasn’t fun. It didn’t offer anything that hasn’t been done before.

if survival mechanics are your thing, play the long dark.


I don’t believe the game is trash or anything like the most disappointing game in along time.

I have over 100 hours in it so obviously it was interesting me on some level, minus my criticisms there are some really good parts to the game.

Do they perhaps need to consider some of the criticisms laid out and work on that for the next instalment, maybe.


You should spend more time with real people :slight_smile: Never met a women for whom you do everything she wants, and she ends angry because you did it in a bad way?

And the priest … if sermon was good, then he will help you. If not, well, I can understand him. He has a lot of problems on his head; he mostly made them himself, but now he just don’t want to bother with you on top of everything.


The english speaking in medieval bohemia was most jarring to me. how is this historically accurate? OMG muh immersion!


Regarding Johanka and her relation with the custodian, she tells you specifically not to interfere, that it would only worsen the situation for her and the patients. She will manage the situation on her own. Why did you not listen to her and got involved? You expected a kiss for that?