The Silent Dicer in green


I’ve come across an odd dice player. Dressed in a green jacket and brown round hat.
he doesn’t talk but if captions are on you can see what he says when you start to talk to him.
When you play against him he never talks and his mouth doesn’t move and he has a special die.
You can wager 100 G against him and if you win he just sits there and you can do it again . It seems he never runs out of coin tho it is hard to tell if you actually get it.
Bug? As of this post I don’t have amourus DLC. Is he a bleed from it?


Location of the dice player?


Ushitz tavern. I have seen him somewhere else but cant recall.


I am not sure, but I think I´ve seen him in the tavern outside Rattay (can you play dice there? if not: It was a big inn, so maybe Sasau. )


He will sometimes ‘disappear’ if I go and get my loaded dice to dual him!


have come across another variation in sassau. A pointy hat and a Patterned green coat and gold die.


Same. Dice player in Uzhitz (who uses cheat die!) is silent.
Sometimes he seems to be saying something, but no sound and his lips do not move either.

Also, I stole two die off him, but it does not change his die when playing. I guess he is not considered a unique character and he replenishes his cheating die every morning.


sounds familiar :slight_smile: He is in tavern close to sasau and ledectkco aand these is bug when u play dice there is sometimes cups in table and ur hand go trough those cups