The trust of sir Radzig

This never happened to me, but apparently you can get an game over when Radzig loses trust in you? :smiley:
I only saw this involed with bugs, so what do you actually have to do for this happening?

You comment is confusing… It didn’t happen to you but you saw it? I would suppose that it is possible to have Sir Radzig lose trust in Henry if Henry was a total and complete blood thirsty killer attacking, robbing and killing civilians. This is only a guess.

I’ve personally seen the game over for lost trust from Sir Hanush, but not from Sir Radzig. One way ,iirc, is to not rescue Sir Hans from the Cumans during your hunting trip.

I meant in videos, comments from others etc.

Thank you for the clarification. I was not trying to mean spirited, just confused by your comment. Cheers!