There are gay guys in this game

who knew?!

Maybe all those who’ve finished the game?

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who knew?!

Well, all of us who finished the game. I will add though having both


Erik and Toth

as evil characters makes complete sense, seeing as the Church would’ve killed them for being sodomites.

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true! The other lesser known sodomite is Lucas from the monastery. Not evil at all, albeit annoying.

One of the novices (lucas, i can’t remember) in st.benedict is homosexual too, but it’s hard to find out. poor boy hehe

Poor boy indeed. The discrete addition and representation of Lucas is much more telling about the sad reality and fate of homosexuals in those times than giving the opportunity for Henry to shag men along his merry path in a BioWare style.


Yes it is almost like history is supposed to be preserved to remind us of past triumphs or mistakes and perhaps teach us to try be better people.

It’s not reality, it’s a video game. In reality, homosexuals were treated fairly well within the Church. They made up a very sizeable portion of the clergy, if not a majority. That’s where homosexuals went in those days - and to a fair extent still do.

As far as quality of life went, it was preferable to being a serf. Many monasteries were quite wealthy, as they often built profitable industries to support their holdings. One of the industries they often involved themselves in was mining iron and smelting steel. Due to their education, they were able to improve production on both fronts with new machinery and technology - enough to supply Europe with enough steel of proper quality to forge plate armor and high quality weapons. Strict poverty vows, in general, were a myth, and they were generally well provided for. Otherwise, it was like spending your life at a university. A rather strict university perhaps, but plenty of educational opportunities.

The most interesting thing about Lucas was his Abbot reports. The report in the Abbots office states they need to keep a close eye on Lucas in case his sodomite tendencies appear. Overall the report sounds skeptical of Lucas’s suitability to be a monk.

This is contrasted against one of the other novices (forget his name) who raped a village girl. Allowed someone else to hang for the offense. Then a few years later raped someone else but this time he was caught red handed. Somehow instead of being hung he was made a novice. The Abbotts report on this novice states something like “excellent candidate to be a monk”.

The video is unavailable, could you explain to me what happens?

Here’s an updated video -

Basically - Istvan Toth and eric are heavily implied to be gay.

true, bioware and their ilk just follow the latest social trends and make their games worse for it. rather than doing it tastefully, with purpose, helping the plot, and in the correct context.