Theresa DLC - full points

i just played the Theresa DLC - really good storytelling -cant remember i enjoyed a game this much (except Monkey Island™)

Keep up the great work!


Well worth the wait!

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I have not played Johanka quest line yet, but after Theresa story I can say this is probably the best DLC they released. Now I really hope in KCD 2 and continuation of main story. Which lead me to question… now when we all know who his Henry father, would be possible for him to marry Theresa? I mean… she is “only” miller daughter and Henry is someone now.

I have only played Teresa’s story so far and I really enjoyed it although I was hoping it would continue a little bit beyond were it ended, still great though. Although I wasn’t prepared for the tears that came at certain parts of the story :sob:

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Why not? Henry’s still a bastard, after all…

well yeah… but there is still question if his father would agree with that. I mean … Peshek would surely be ok with it, but what about Henrys father … I dont think he would be happy about it.

it’s a great final dlc the quests are great and i like how it brings closure to the stories of many side characters. the hounds are interesting.

unfortunately the example provided by warhorse studios on how to do compelling yet realistic stories about female characters will not be followed if we are to look at the recent line up of games from e3 and elsewhere