Theresa is ashamed off me


Hello! I was a bad Henry and now got Theresa is ashamed off me and I’ve tried everything to fix this but nothing is working, can anyone help?

Since completing the game, I’ve been doing side quests and i cant finish this one and it’s annoying me :roll_eyes:


If you are on a PC you can try the quest reset tool to reset and replay the quests that could alter her attitude.

This is like the real world: you choice can affect you and your relations for the rest of your life and sometimes it cannot be undone.


Hello, thank you for getting back to me. Unfortunately I’m on Xbox and i dont think we have that tool


Every time I try to walk with her she sais that she is ashamed of me. How can I change this? (I don’t have a good reputation in uzhitz and the mill, could that be the problem?)


What actions did you take relating to her? Did you save her at the skalitz mill? Give here a bad present or try to give her one and not do it? Did you insult/attack her?, not use the schmoozing line on a date? Not pay your debts to her uncle the miller and not to the Apothecary?
Be a bumbling thief?
think back and try to determine what actions you took so how far back in saves to get before it.