Theresa Romance Ending


The ending to her romance is awful. Afterwards she doesn’t even recognize that you’ve spoken to her before; there are no unique dialog options. In other games you can at least flirt with romanceable characters, or at least have them treat you differently than they did pre-romance in dialogue. This just seems like a mistake or an oversight.


More likely it was cut due to production and budget limitations. I hope there is more down the line, via new DLCs perhaps, but it seems unlikely.


There’s one DLC coming with her.


She actually got other dialogs with my a while later, she called me loverboy, and she noted I was particularly dirty and should go to the bath house!, and I got to give her a bunch of flowers. Not much but a bit of additional stuff. So I have started putting the sleeper on her and carrying her up to that little cave area on the side road and letting her wake up there wondering what happend.