Theresa Won't Wear The Clothes I Gift Her

I’m sure anyone who’s downloaded the new DLC noticed that there’s a new dialogue option when talking to Theresa. Namely, the ability to bring Theresa a nicer dress to wear. After giving her the gift, she excitedly tells the player, “This is a lovely dress! I’ll definitely wear it!”

Then, she never wears it. The 600-groshen dress/dresses stay lying in her trunk while she goes about her day wearing her drab default clothing that none of the women in Rattay would ever wear.

I feel like warhorse thought the gift idea was cool, and it is. It’s realistic to think that the son of a lord would want to give his girlfriend nice dresses befitting of a noblewoman.

But then they never actually coded the NPC to be able to wear different gear. If improved, this feature could be lovely. I’d even be in favor of being able to give Miller Peshek nicer clothes as thanks for taking me in. Lol.

Edit: I filed an official bug report, and I was informed that the devs are looking into the issue and will try to fix it it in the next patch. Jesus Christ be praised!

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Maybe she’s picky and your cheap dresses don’t cut it for her :slight_smile:.

Not saying there’s no issue, but it did work for me to some respect. The first dress I picked up for her was fairly pricey, and she told me exactly what she told you. Coming back the other day, she did not wear it. However, the evening on the following day, she did. I later brought her another dress I found lying behind some bushes, that appeared to be even more expensive, but I never saw her put it on. Possibly it reeked of bandits. Anyway, from observation she will wear plain stuff for most of the day and only dress up in the evenings. I guess she doesn’t want to get the shiny clothes dirty while mopping the floor.

During the day:

Around 19:00, roundabout after she finished her dinner:

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have you tried gifting jewelry, and has she worn it? she didn’t appear to do so in earlier playthroughs

The only time I did that was long before the 1.9 patch (and DLC). Back then I wasn’t even aware I had jewellery on me when the option came up, so I neither expected nor verified whether it would appear on her in-game. I doubt that it did.

Her gifting system before Henry and her “do the deed” is utterly broken, and gifts of clothes, jewlery, a dagger, etc are NEVER used. The dress-gifting system added in the latest patch sometimes works. But pretty much everything about the romance subplot is half-assed.

I hope the devs do a good job of fixing this, because it could be such a great addition to the game; a big part of a relationship is being able to buy your girlfriend/wife nice clothes lol.

On a side note, things like “she’d rather wear her normal clothes” are cop-outs. Nobody who could afford to wear anything else would wear Theresa’s default clothing. I was given that answer by a staff member during one of Toby’s livestreams. I could tell that they were just community management or some other low-level staff member who wasn’t involved in actually coding the game, but it was still a bit patronizing and unhelpful. (And there were even a few other (stupid) commenters in the stream who ridiculed me for even caring about the issue. I guess their loved ones have never bought them nice things lol.)

Thankfully, the actual bug fix team was much more helpful.

But I will also say that there is a distinct lack of noblewomen’s attire available for purchase in the game. The most expensive dress from the tailor’s is about 700 groshen. On the other hand, there are several outfits for men that total over 2k. I would have liked to see more elaborate designs as well. By the end of a playthrough, I’m stacked enough that I just wanna parade my girlfriend around in medieval Versace lmao. But none of that matters until the gifting system is fixed.