They didn't need to create a whole DLC just to appeal to the very minute, albiet very vocal crazies

I saw the conversation with what’s her face on this DLC. There’s only one group that harbors those sorts of incredibly bigoted attitudes against men, the insane feminists. Personally, I thought that the storyline was alluding to an eventual romance between Henry and Theresa.

You see, as i was watching, I was thinking this: No, Henry loves his Fiance. He needs to stay with her if he loves her so much that he wants to commit the rest of his life to her. He cannot rightly pursue Theresa simply because he thinks she’s more attractive and likes her butt. But then we know what happens to his fiance, all the while Theresa ends up proving to be this crazy-brave woman who basically commits to suicide standing up to a group of bandits just to save Henry. Then she takes him home with her to her uncle’s, and eagerly watches over him and awaits his recovery. Clearly, she has a thing for Henry, and well we know Henry at least likes the way she looks.

But no, as I watch this “A Woman’s Lot” story begin, I see Theresa talking like one of today’s insane feminists. So, I’m like what?! Henry doesn’t want this! Theresa harbors these insane thoughts about men. I guess Theresa’s just another insane feminist who needs a fictitious scenario where everything is orchestrated into making her a hero because in reality, it never actually works that way. In reality, the feminist is always proven more or less to be blithering idiot who has no idea what she’s talking about.

And really, they’re such a tiny minority that I don’t see how it warrants making a whole DLC for this tiny insane group of leftist women who never even play video games of this caliber. Women don’t tend to like video games in-general. Crazy insane men-hating women . . . well, actually I don’t really know. I don’t personally enjoy hanging out with stupid women. But then these types of games don’t really seem like something stupid people would be into anyway.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with making Theresa a warrior. After all, this IS an RPG open world game. It would be absolutely silly that any character taken over by the player in this manner wouldn’t become a warrior.

But she doesn’t need to be some bonkers feminist. She can be a warrior without also being retarded. Mental regression induced by a severe hatred doesn’t need to be the only reason a woman would pick up a sword. Women are not typically feminist, and they wouldn’t need to be that stupid to pick up a sword and become a warrior. There are plenty of other reasons a woman might become a warrior. Not a lot, admittedly, because I mean who would when you have a whole class of people that make up half of human society who it is in their very DNA to want to protect you and risk their lives and often die so that you don’t have too. But still, it feels like this could have been done better.

But you know what, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s just that one conversation to appease the idiots of society. Maybe I haven’t watched enough of this storyline yet to be making such criticisms. So, I’ll watch more and see how things work out.

You sir, is the idiot here.

Back when the original kickstarter was run, it was one of the things that was promised. That we could play Theresa during an early part of the story. So this is just the Devs honoring their promises.

Also picking up a sword don’t make one a warrior. It just make you a person holding a sword. Being a warrior is a question of training and state of mind.
And if you used a sword during you playing Theresa, you just made survivor harder. for yourself…

The devs did very well at showing both a rather historical life for a women during this period in history (work, work and more work… and then an arranged marriage) … and still allowing us to play something interesting for a short time, before going back to playing henry for the rest of the game.

And finally Culture puts people in boxes, not DNA.


I tried to kill all the Cumans in the DLC advert. Tough. Harder than nest. Harder than baptism. This was after punching up the potters cattle, etc.

Frankly, it’s probably as realistic for Theresa to voice some modern opinions as it is for Henry to punch a nobleman in his own town. And she’s not bonkers feminist, by the way, but maybe a little slightly anachronistically egalitarian – just like Henry. You’re raging against make-believe women that you somehow think are out for your balls, but really you’re the one outing yourself as some sort of MRA/bigot. Stop. No one wants to hear your insecurities and misogyny.

On a related note, I love this game but I hate that somehow racists/sexists have flocked to it thinking it’s some sort of refuge for them. It’s not. It’s a historical adventure, and a damn good one. History tells us this is how things are in 1403, not how it should be in 2019. Do I love the realism of being a nobody in 1403? Hell yes. Do I think the game should represent social mobility as almost nil, women as mostly second-class citizens, and people of color as being viewed with suspicion and even hate? Yes, but not because that’s what I think the world should be like. Because this is a historical game, and that’s what history was like. But do I want all my games to be like this, or god forbid, the world I live in? HELL no. I believe that’s what the developers feel too, and I applaud them for showing us how people in 1403 who were a little ahead of their time - like Henry, like Theresa - might have made their way through a world that mostly wasn’t cut out for them.

Bottom line is KCD isn’t some sort of veiled criticism of diversity and equality in games, or life. Stop thinking you’ve found fertile ground for your bigotry here.


Have you all forgotten about Joan of Arc? ‘The Maiden’s War’ is a real thing not just a book to get your reading perks! and… my Theresa has punched the poor cattle to submission and Kunesh runs in fear of her now! I just worked her to try and get level 7. Hunting, lock picking, herbalist, archery all maxed. Poor Henry left bloody in the arena. My Theresa decided to make the most of the static clock… and as for master Feyfar go and suck lemons!! Yes I am a leftist feminist you got a problem?


I agree with you that feminism has tried too hard to invade gaming and neuter it. However, I don’t think Theresa’s story was done poorly or that she shows any signs of being a feminist. And this is coming from one of the most anti-feminist people on the internet.

If anyone’s crazy in this DLC, it’s Johanka who believes a dead woman is talking to her in her sleep. (BTW, I was a little upset that there weren’t enough pragmatic/dubious dialogue options in Johanka’s questline. I don’t believe she saw the Virgin Mary, but I don’t want to be a dick about it either.)

I give props to Warhorse for placating the people who wanted the game to be about women in a manner that wasn’t telling revisionist history or ragging on men.

I think you’re seeing things that simply aren’t there.