Think the Siege on Talmberg mission is Glitched anybody else encountered these problems?

On the siege quest you must speak with various people to help the siege continue but after speaking to the herbalist and innkeeper, it’s now apparent that they aren’t giving me the aid I need and their quest markers will not go away. After exhausting their speech options it appears they have just glitched out. Anybody with this problem???

I just did those, and I did all the optional quests that occur before the assault on the castle, and I had no glitches. I have no mods installed and was playing on regular, not hardcore.

When securing supplies, you will have to ask a few different potential suppliers before you find one that will hook you up with what you need. So you’ll be traveling around a bit.

I’ve recently started playing the game again now that hardcore mode was released and I’ve ran into the same prologue bug twice now. I can’t get Fritz or Matthew to give me any lockpicks or get them to help me with Kunesh.

Here is the sequence of events:

-I’ll talk to Kunesh about his debt and go the route that doesn’t lead to a fight.

-I’ll attempt to get into his footlocker and Henry will say, “Locked! I should ask Fritz or Matthew for lockpicks”

-I’ll go to the ale house and complete the Deutsch sidequest and run from the catchpoles.

-After running from the catchpoles I’ll talk to Matthew about what we just did to Deutsch.

And that’s it, immediately following that little side quest I am completely unable to talk to Fritz, Matthew or Kunesh again. Fritz and Matthew walk to some field and start tilling. No option for further dialogue will appear.