This game is still broken


So haven’t played in ages as the game kept crashing after a certain mission and I would fast travel back to complete it. But to no surprise the game still crashes frequently my exit saves didn’t work. It didn’t save upon sleeping and now to top it off the latest crash has corrupted my saves so I have to uninstall it then reinstall it. Which probably means all my saves are lost. Oh and I can’t sign back into my Xbox now either so good job guys this game is fucking great 10/10 would recommend .


You are getting 4 patches in less than a week.

Just have some patience my man🙂


A big patch will come. We expect it to be availabe for users this week. It can take a bit longer of course, but we think it will be ready to download this week for all users.


I had patience playing the first time lol hopefully if all my saves are backed up on the cloud I can just jump back in from that point. Don’t have it in me to go through it all again get decent equipment and a stupid amount of groushen.


Your saves should be there as long as you didn’t say delete all. Which I have done before with Skyrim😢


I forwarded your email to a couple of KCD YouTube channels because some were having some problems. I hope that is okay. Not everyone knows how to reach you all🙂

Some were just wanting to complain but some were sincere.


It says they are corrupted but I did a system reset and connect to the internet which appears to have saved them for now not sure if it will when I’m offline though


Yeah you have to be online to get them.


It will take a s***load of gummyberry juice to make me want to restart kcd for a 6th time.


That’s not good for your teeth lol.