This game is unplayable


Never in my life have I encountered so many bugs whilst playing a game.

  • texture pop is insulting
  • stuttering occurs constantly
  • horrendous frame rate in general
  • bugged quests everywhere
  • awful ai
  • getting propelled up trees during combat
  • townsfolk look like potatoes for a good minute of speech

Started out loving this game but quickly realized it’s the same old cash grab nonsense. shouldn’t have been released on console, plain and simple. The combats extremely easy too, I’m only half way through the game and can dominate entire towns, which shouldn’t be happening - riposte, stab stab stab. Literally a terminator, which is the exact thing i wanted to avoid by buying this game

Would have a lot more respect for them if they didn’t release dlc in the game’s current state. Really nullifies any argument in favor of the developers. Perhaps instead of cash grabbing, actually fix the game first.


Texture pop-in is an issue of CryEngine 3.0.

Anyway, you are the only person i seen to claim that combat is too easy… Try hardcore mode …


sounds like you should sell the game on ebay, and move on .


It’s a shame. some of the game is great and there’s so much potential yet developer greed got in the way again


well my game is running flawless as of now , its hard to tell . i have no pop ins anymore because they fixed it on pc or if its my new Hdd i bought a week or 2 ago. but b4 that last patch (on my old hard drive) id ride my horse full speed into rattay and wait about 30 seconds to a min for the rest of rattay and npc to fully load. but now after the latest patch with my new hdd, that hasn’t happened yet and ive been playing for about an hour now.
JIC if this makes a difference, my graphics are set on very high. VH gets me about 50 fps. if i put it on ultra high i get 35 fps , and i cant tell the difference between ultra and very high (graphics wise). so between the 2 ill go with VH.


You decide on the difficulty by what armour or what weapons you use.
Use a short sword of no real damage and then forego the plate armour.

Your choice to be invincible…


Hardly any greed at all, the DLC is only $10. In addition, this game started as a kickstarter, dont expect there to not be bugs. They’re not a “tripple A” company and its their first serious game.


Thats kinda how I learned to play Skyrim, and generally other games I feel overpowered in…
:by not ‘upgrading’ a character I can raise difficulty -its handicapping arguably.

For a lot of fames I never spend stat points/upgrade points.
It can be fun when the learning curve of a game is all over the place in difficulty/a final overpowered boss character/game situation asks too much from my ‘lowly’ level one character- I finally spend the one hundred+ attribute points Ive been hoarding/waiting to distribute.

I can then ‘hot knife through butter’ the rest of the game.
Ive been known to use this method to playtest a bunch of skilltree options on a difficult combat, and then reload my original save and then see how little character upgrading I can get away with…
#playtester for life #woodgrain atari user


The bandits searching for Timmy in Rattay are still bugged and I can’t continue the game because of this. Please fix this now!!! I am going to become angry.


why not back save and don’t trick them to ratay…kill them. I always do that.
BTW I seriously doubt they will hear/see/yield to you “demands” :roll_eyes:


Please send a bugreport to:

Thank you!


I already sent an email to WH.