This is a game?

This game is trash… Trash… I got my swordplay at 18 and still can’t hit a thing… they ALWAYS counter with an attack that can’t be blocked… OH and screw traveling on horseback. As soon as it “somehow” see danger… cuz I’m convinced the bandits?? In full plate gear show I’m thrown off my horse… and get absolutely pummeled leaving everything I’ve done, 45 mins to kill 3 bandits at a camp, cuz again screw swordplay… just to lose all progress on the way back… 1/5 game belongs in the garbage.

Sorry to hear this game doesn’t fill your needs, Warhorse is working on improving the mechanics so the game can be better for /allmost of the users.
Here on this forum, we try to help each other.
You’ll always be welcome to express what you think in a repectful way.

Did you consider getting good or choosing a horse with enough courage not to throw you as soon as it senses danger?


Sorry, but this game is awesome and swordplay is main reason for me. I like tournaments, duels, killing bandits, etc…


In my opinion this game has a lot of effort and good thins. But they are covered because big absurd decisions, making gameplay very unconfortable and not funny.

I’ve not had your experience at all. Have you done much training with your sword master? Are you using the both stab and slash techniques? I find stabbing effective. A Mace is good for armoured opponents. What condition is your sword and armour in? are you backing off when dealing with a number of attackers and trying to isolate them? When fast travelling tak control and steer round them if needs be. You can use potions to save. You can sneak up and kill people while they sleep as well. Combat is complex and definitely not an all in one go experience. A fight can take 4 or 5 minutes or more, and with an experienced fighter it can be very hard. I would get a good mace, and jab to the head with it, but it’s a difficult game.

Git Good. There are combat tutorials online, many times they counter you, is due to your own error. I learned that the hard way, and once I did blew up the arena and nothing could stop me, for you can also learn a move that cannot be blocked when you counter.

lol why even bother responding to some retard who obviously just wants to vent because he doesn’t have the fortitude to handle any kind of complexity or realism in a game. just go play oblivion where combat involves one button press


I have roughly 65$ and I recently saw some videos about the Breath of the Wild (Ehem… RTGame) and I liked how shrines work and that there are enemies scattered around the world. I also liked Smash Bros, mostly because a friend of mine will have a Switch in a few months and I could play with him.

Note 1: The only fighter games I played were Mortal Kombat X and Unjustice. Would I like Smash?

Note 2: I had Fallout 4 and I didn’t like the fact that I had to spend so much time finding objects and guns (grinding). Is Breath of the Wild like this?

So… which one do I choose?

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It’s not the games fault that you cant take directions.

It literally tells you in the tutorial to try to strike on the side that the opponent is not protecting. Meaning if he holds high, strike low.
Perfect blocking is a major part of the game, and you got two ways of doing this to your advantage. You can either line your weapon up with his strike and block at the right moment, or you can press the block button once which makes your weapon line up with his, then press it again to get the perfect block.

The horse wont throw you off as much if you get a new one. There are a couple of horses that almost never would throw you off even without all the perks. But then again, if you want a horse that is a little faster yet more of a coward, you can always manage that with all the perks.

I agree that this game can be frustrating at times, but then again, just git gud and try to adapt. A bow will help alot when fighting several plate male wearing opponents. And you should make sure you get in the habit of always backstepping and lining up your shots in every fight where there is more then one.

That’s how you beat the game and start making these minor inconveniences alot better.


Made an account just to reply here and revive a semi-dead thread. Completely agree absolute trash. Can’t believe how many good reviews i’ve heard the game is just broken. I’ve tried so hard to like it and sunk many hours into KCD. I plan to continue playing for some unknown reason. The thing I absolutely cannot get over is the lock on but more specifically Henry TURNING 180 EVERY TIME HE GETS HIT IN THE BACK. i’m sure the devs have heard this countless times but WHO THOUGHT OF THIS? how is this realistic? Why is Henry so keen to die that you as the player are FORCED to look your attacker in the eye while he pummels you. inb4 “get good” lmao the classic/easy cop out response when you can’t be bothered to formulate an actual sentence justifying your position. I should be able to take a hit to the back and continue fighting my current target or run away but as soon as my screen begins to shake I know it’s a reload. No wonder it’s free with game pass who in their right mind would PAY for this lol!

Why should you be able to be stabbed in the back and just shrug it off?? I promise the dude stabbing you in the back is by far the biggest threat to you in that moment.

They wanted to do two things, be first person, and be realistic. As flawed as the combat system is, can you name a better combat system that is first person and realistic? I’ve asked people before, and no one can give me an answer. I don’t think first person needs to be explained, but what I mean by realistic is something that doesn’t involve exaggerated telegraphed attacks and rolling around on the ground.

The game is wonderful, one of a kind. Playing on the plot, you walk in the same breath, playing a second time you already notice the flaws, but this is just an imbalance in the game process, this game is not universal and it completely solves its role, the rest is up to the mods if it is profitable for the developers. Already, there are mods that change the behavior of opponents and the capabilities of the character.

Well in real life if you hit in the back you stumble forward, then turn around to see who that bastard is.

This is a game that attempts to emulate realistic combat, but you can’t feel in the game so it has to be shown on your screen.

Anyways, even this is a huge concession because if someone was to take a swing at the back of your head without you knowing i’d be pretty willing to bet you’d go down, no questions asked.

yeah, cause you are terminator right? You get punched in the back of the head with maces and axe all the time and dont even stagger.

Not bad, I like it, and keep it up for more updates