Those suitable for patch 7.1


This is very frustrating! I just got the game for PC and already hit a bug! It starts when Henry’s mother visits him to get him up. There’s conversation (in white text) and once he gets up, the screen goes black. Afterward, I see Henry walking to his mom but nothing happens–I don’t see any text or notice of a quest. Youtube walk through show that the quest “unexpected visit” should start and then see some options. The only mods I have are those suitable for patch 7.1 (listed on this forum site).

Oddly, the game resumes fine afterward. Weird

Thanks for helping!


Mods are not supported by devs but anyhow I had issue once at the start too and I have not installed mods yet.


I’m having good luck with this set. The Inventory mod causes some quirky behavior with arrows that have been retrieved after being fired while poaching, and especially the ones that hit or kill a poached critter. But it is fairly minor, and doesn’t impact actual combat arrows, so not big deal.