Thrid person view needs a mouse control fix

I love the work and beauty of this game, but I really do not understand WHY it does not support properly 3rd person view controls when using a mod like this

I personally hate 1st person view in any game, and need to see the character to enjoy games (I am not going to argue about that, I know there are differnt opinions). The thing is that this game has enough good animations and everything works fine when looking from 3rd person view, but the control using the mouse KILL the possibility to play this way.

The propblem is that in 3rd person view you move the mouse and you DO NOT move the character like in any other game, but only the head, so you have to use two keys to strafe and 2 different keys to rotate, and that makes the control a total PAIN. It is only acceptable when ridding the horse. Appart from that, combat combos are not possible.

I am asking only for making possible to rotate the character using mouse movement, like any other game. At least any command or option to make this possible. I know some people love 1st person view and they do not understand what I am asking for, but there are many others that know perfectly what I am saying. Come on, give options for everybody, not just for 1st person lovers.

Uhm, I think this is something you should take with the mod author rather than with Warhorse or the forums here since Warhorse **far as I know never promised support for 3rd person view. But I might be wrong about this.

On the other hand, I do understand your concern. I guess what you’re looking for is controls similiar to Skyrim, The Witcher series and so on?

I am looking for rigtht controls to play en 3rd person view.
It does not matter if they promised support for 3rd person view, a do not “demand” support, I only say that everything is working fine to be able to play in 3rd person, and the only thing needed is to fix the mouse control. I don’t think the mod author can do that, it is something that devs can do if they want, and of course in that case the game would be a bit beetter because some people will enjoy and it does not harm anybody else.

It is as simple as making the mouse used to move the direction of the entire body, like every game in 3rd person, and when fighting, once facing the opponent and fixed the movement, the mouse behavior turns into what is doing riht now (moving the harm).
It also would be usefull to aim with the bow in 3rd person view if you want, even if that is more difficult.

Simple as that. Not made I suppose because devs want to force people to play the way they want.

Just the best game I have ever played (yes, at least, this is the kind of game I always wanted to eat).
I play in high detail (not ultra) and experiencing using Nvidia Gforce experience filter “water color” (maximizing details of the filter, of course) to have an even more artistic feeling, even though I lose some detail and the text is a bit more difficult to read.

Spending some time with the mod “cheats”, and spawning some bandits to practice with my sword, and making the time go very slow. I wonder why games don’t impelment thiks kind of cheats as an option.

If only I could move properly in 3rd person view…, it is a bit of a pain to do so when not ridding the horse.

3rd person view is not officially supported.

I know, I only say something that I think is to make the game better. Nobody is forced to make what I say.

Must clarify something. after playing more time this is not the best game for me, not at all. Many small defects that I consider important, some related to just “taste”, others with playability. Anyway a great try making a game, but this game is not for me.

Some things that I consider not good:
Very slow.
Obsesion with realism rest a lot of fun.
No 3rd person view implented (1st person view <> more realism, it is just less field of view and so less real).
HUD ugly. Of course using a mod is a must.
Interfeace very un pleasent.
Main character empty of soul and epicity in my opinion.
Missions are usually not relevant and not fun/ epic.
Graphics are good, but doesn’t seem to change enough. Same colors all the time. Similar textures.
Key control is a mess and with unnecesary complexity (like many other games of this kind, unfortunately).
No voice support for the most important language.
Mission timeout and no options to remove/change needs (food, sleeping, etc) is a complete error.

Dialogues are just something to clic, like other games of this kind. Totally absurd.
Need much more options to customize the game to fit more people demands. This game tries to force players to play the way the devs want, and I have to say that way is probably not good for many people (at least not for me).

But a big effort making the game. So I could say it is a good game for some people, compared with others.

Yeah it is better than any game I could make.I enjoyed it for awhile.