Time is stuck, can't skip it

Guys, I have a problem. Since the siege of Talmberg quest started I can’t skip time, can’t fast travel nor sleep. And objective was to wait 2 days for trebouchet. Luckily i managed to skip them somehow building Rathouse in Pribyslavitz but some buildings I built before that only skiped few hours and this one skipped whole day even though it says it skips few days. But now I am on Epilogue, done fetching necklace for Capon and need to wait till tomorrow but I can’t skip any more time nor can I build anything because only left is 17k church and I don’t have that money, and I can’t earn eithet because I emptied all traders from everywhere and they can’t earn money because day doesn’t pass. What is odd is that Pribislavytz treasury chest actually does get spent a little by little even though time doesn’t pass.

I think this may be caused by me finishing fight with Kuno against Zoul and objective to that is inform Radzig and he was at the time captive in Talmberg and after that mission you never have chance to speak to him freely in open world and when you are given letter to go out with Capon him and Hanush get literally stuck in that room and both of those doors to it loose open ability, they appear as walls.

If anyone have any info on how to fix this pleaaaase HELP ME! Thanks.


Hey. This seems unusual. I would try to speak to the Lords that may unlock your progress and enable to skip time.

Yes but that’s the thing, they are all locked away except Capon. And I can only continue with him if i come back tomorrow and time didn’t start moving even after few missions, I mean it does during mission but no in open world. You didn’t read carefully bro. :wink:

It’s not an easy read.