Tips on getting better fps



I have had this game since release but only started pleying a few day’s ago, hoping that many off the bugs would be gone.
I haven’t had any major bugs yet but my god performance is horrible
I run a system way beyond recommended settings i5-8600k OC’d @5ghz 16gig ram m.2 SSD with 3500 read gtx 1080ti and even at 1080p i get drops under 50 fps… i really like the game but that is downright disgraceful… anyway, anyone has some tips/advice on getting a more consistent framerate? its jumps from 40-140 fps and i’ve been fiddeling with settings way to much… the reason why people buy gtx 1080ti’s is to NOT have to do that :frowning:


I can’t advise on PC, but when it comes to consoles. I wouldn’t bother purchasing it if you don’t have an Xbox 1 -X or PS4 Pro. I originally purchased the game on Xbox one and once I reached Rattay the lag got too bad to continue. I then purchased the one x and it runs smooth. I also just purchased it on the PS4 Pro and it also runs smoothly on that, though not as smooth as Xbox one x.


Ok some thing i found online that seems to have stabilised fps A LOT is settings threaded optimisation in the nvidia panel to ON instead of auto or off.


Turn the res down a notch.


OP i5 (anything) is not above spec for this game (not truly), as it needs more cores and threads.
Generally 6core/12 thread or 8 core+ seem to alleviate most CPU constraint issues.

Otherwise you are ‘par for the course’.
Warhorse seemed to have missed a few model overdraws (might be physics values attatched to surfaces for all I know, something very ‘early game design’ that has never been fixed/revisited), that bombs performnce to 40 ish even on the best rigs!

For that reason I just run the game on Ultra to avoid the swings.

Resolution (big performnce hitter)
Anti aliasing

(Most monitors run at native, Id consider leaving res at whatever feels right, then Id run down that list dropping a few settings,… but I bet it wont affect your framerate lows too much (if the system performs as you say it does)

Rattay in the morning with long sun cast and the town peoples AI is a big hitter.
Notice how only certain buildings/area constantly bomb performance?

It was talked about at launch, the alley next to first shop in Skalitz giving 20s for framerate on gtx1080s/top of the line rigs. That same building is reused heavily and, funnily, brings equivalent performance elsewhere…

That shop still bombs to 30s and is a key immersion breaker still undealt with.

My guess is it doesnt happen at medium settings the consoles run at and has therefore never been considered.

Some users get less fps drops by switching back to mechanical drives (hard drives) for the game as budget ssd options miss a lot of top tier controller parts that assist/alleviate cpu load on a PC.
Becomes more of a problem as SSDs become newer and try to squeeze more bits per byte. (SLC, MLC, TLC, 3DTLC etc)(yes tech heads, it is still 8 bits to a byte, its just multiple bytes are being stored ‘on top’ of each other)
I can buy a fast m2 3200mb per second drive for a third the cost of what a quality SSD would deliver (at same speed/spec ratings, during KCD)
In a heartbeat I would switch my games’ drive to an older SSD if it was Pro by design (less compression/better controller).
A 500Mb per second SSD could make for a much higher framerate experience during CPU heavy moments.
Probably NOT the issue for the OP, but good food for thought for many…


As i said before, setting sthreaded optimisation to ON in nvidia 3d settings have stabilised a lot also, depending on upcoming benchmarks i’ll be getting the i9-9900k or i7-9700k to replace my i5-8600k i’ll update this post once this happends but currently fps is greatly improved in town and that has improved my liking of the game :smiley:


For instance you can lower a little bit the Physics setting (maybe from Ultra to Very High?). You’ll aleviate some of your processor and play a smoother game :slight_smile:

PS: Sorry for any mispelling, I’m not a native English speaker.



I play Xbox One X in 1080p, and Rattay fps are a disaster. I must not exceed 20fps. The loading of textures, png, is too slow. Optimizing the game is a shame after 8 months of the release.
And I do not mean rain.


If your game is running poorly on the X-box one X it must be a configuration issue of some kind. I bought the X-box one X specifically to play KCD and out of the box it ran beautifully. Still does. Try resetting your x-box one x settings to their default configurations.


On PS4 Slim is frustrating, sometimes in Ratay takes forever to load the environment. Literally, I have to stop playing and wait to load.


Heck due to fragmentation I made the ps4 version of Heavy Rain (first party/optimised title) have ‘missing objects’ due to ‘slow drive access’.

Fragmentation can negatively impact a lot of software, more so when large data streaming/streaming game world assets ‘on the fly’.

Due to KCD having huge updates, even a disc version of the game installed to a new system could have somewhat fragmented files.
This will affect load times and pop in.

Backup entire game, clean system disk (eg format) and restore backup…

All files should be as continuous as they can be made to be.
Should assist KCD to deliver its’ best.