It appears that several crucial NPCs can end up dead due to no fault of our own. Please issue us a console command to be able to resurrect these NPCs (Olena, Thomas, the Jägermeister’s wife are some I know of).

Since it looks like patching of this bug is few and far between, it’d be nice to have a NPC console command to tide players over.

I’ve tried the Cheat mod from the Nexus, but that command no longer functions (it isn’t present for me when I do the cheat[tab] list).

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I found that all NPCs will be resurrected if you go to jail for 10 days.


Ugggh… Thanks. Not quite what I had in mind… :frowning: But, thanks for the thought. Maybe sleeping for 10 days resurrects as well? (crossing fingers)

You can´t sleep for such a long period of time. But if this could help, I think, that 3 days are enough :wink:

Yea, but I think sleeping is so troublesome compared to going behind bars. The counter rolls for 10 days continuously with the fastest speed, but for sleeping/waiting, it would not extend more than 24hours thus you need to repeat doing the sleeping/waiting thing many times. Not to mention the last hour count down is pretty slow.

really? That would be useful…

The ones who disappear are teleported to outside the map, no way to get them back (except the “devils” from the Uzhitz witch quest if you don’t kill them, they’re on the north road from Skalitz and by shooting at them you can lure them back into the map).
But characters who die will actually respawn if they’re essential to the main quest.
I once murdered the family of the Sasau swordsmith and for the counterfeit silver quest you need to talk to them, and they were just alive going by their business as if nothing happened.
But since side quests are optional the NPCs for them won’t come back.

Yeah… this definitely needs to get fixed though. Some of those, me included, that like to Roleplay, going to prison may not be an option… and it shouldn’t be in the first place… So, it’d be mighty swell of WH to give players a way to resurrect dead NPCs… :confused:

This doesn’t work for me. I am currently on the main quest “Mysterious ways” and I killed the scribe not knowing I was supposed to talk to him in a quest. It was a few days ago now and iv’e been playing side quests for a few days and iv’e been levelling all my skills up as much as possible by reading. I don’t want to reset my game and I have tried many times to go to prison for 10 days but to no avail.

Thou hast sinned brother, thou shall assume the consequences.



i heared it can take up to 14 days till NPC is back